Aomomo reappears in a new identity. It is suspected to be an alien product, which can speed up or slow down

“Aomomo” is a mysterious object that human beings first enter the solar system. After its discovery, scientists have been arguing about its origin, and there is no final conclusion at present. In the long-term debate, many scholars or professors have also given some new explanations, hoping that by solving the mystery of the first discovery of extrasolar objects by human beings, people can understand what it is. The debate has not stopped. Compared with the definition of celestial bodies entering the solar system for the second time, the debate has made the scientific community boiling.

Omo reappears as a “new identity”

Through observation and analysis, “aomomo” also has a new identity and changes back to its original appearance. When it was first discovered, scientists thought it was an “ordinary” comet. However, after observation, many people found that it was not a simple comet. From the surface, it looked like a cigar, and when it was discovered, it was very close to the sun By the time it passed the earth, it had reached a speed of 58900 miles per hour.

This kind of speed can be said to be not slow, and the time for human beings to explore instruments is not long, which leads to the final debate. The length of the object is 5-10 times of its width, and it is an “irregular” object. Moreover, it is strange that the color of the object is reddish and the surface is solid, but it is impossible to distinguish the composition of rock and metal. It’s very different. Professor avery Loeb of Harvard University in the United States has come to a new conclusion through observation, that is, this thing belongs to aliens.

The most unusual thing is that this interstellar object is very bright, and its reflectivity is at least 10 times that of ordinary stone asteroids or comets, which indicates that it is unlikely to be a comet. At the same time, its motion mode is also very special, with a speed of about 26 kilometers per second. It enters the solar system from the direction of Lyra, almost perpendicular to the ecliptic plane, and its speed is far higher than that of small objects in the solar system. When approaching the sun, the object will accelerate obviously, and after passing through the sun, it will become farther and farther away, and the speed of the object will be greatly slowed down, both accelerating and decelerating. In the traditional sense, human technology can not achieve this state, so Harvard professor believes that in addition to the sun’s gravity, it is also driven by other forces.

And its new identity is the “abandoned product of alien civilization” – the sun sail. The first sign of extraterrestrial intelligence is not the spaceship, but the rubbish of civilization. That’s its “new identity,” the sun sail. This conclusion does seem more reasonable, but not all scientists agree with this theory, so this view will be controversial.

Where does aomo come from?

Most people know that this is the first time that human beings have found an interstellar object entering the solar system. It must be outside the solar system, so Omo will not have a definite destination. According to scientists, the most likely source of “omomo” is a star cluster near the solar system, which is about 163-277 light-years away from the earth. At one point, it broke away from the cluster and was ejected by a planet 40 million years ago, with an ejection speed of about 1-2 kilometers per second.

As a result, it finally entered the solar system, and the European Space Agency also conducted a comparative analysis, but it did not give the result in the end, so it did not dare to define it directly. Even the description of this region is only a speculative description of the distance, so let’s see if it can be solved in the future.

In a word, no matter who studies “omomo”, they can’t make a definite conclusion, which also shows that it’s very difficult to confirm, because it doesn’t have the characteristics of ordinary planets or comets, but at the same time it has an unusual state of motion, which makes it difficult for everyone to understand, so today’s “omomo” is the ultra-thin extraterrestrial solar sail technology Can stand firm, but also can’t define, let all scientists believe that this is the key, do you think aomomo is the “solar sail” or “comet” of alien civilization?

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