Aomomo’s identity reversed? Experts guess that it or spaceship is really an “uninvited guest”?

For example, with the rapid development of human space industry, we have found many mysterious celestial bodies in the huge universe. Among the numerous celestial bodies discovered, the discovery of one caused a sensation in the scientific community at that time, that is the known interstellar visitor – Omo. The reason why this celestial body caused a sensation was because of its strange shape. At that time, many people suspected that Omo was a spaceship?

The shape of Omo

Most of the objects we found are spherical or irregularly elliptical, while Omo is like a giant cigar. According to the scientist’s calculation, it is 400 meters long, dark in color, and has a very hard shell. It seems invincible to us, but we can’t judge its composition. Such a long celestial body is out of place among many cosmic objects. Because its running speed is too fast, it can reach 26 kilometers per second. It only appears for a short time, and then it is far away from us. Although we have captured the photos, we can’t study them in depth.

Is Omo a spaceship?

Even though omomo is far away from us, scientists have never forgotten it. In June this year, scientists claimed that omomo is composed of solid hydrogen. The reason why omomo can move quickly is solid hydrogen. This argument has been approved by many scientists, but recently a professor at Harvard University thought that foam is not a star in the universe, but an alien spaceship. He thinks that if Omo is just a celestial body, it can’t exist in the universe for hundreds of millions of years.

Omo’s speed is not affected by gravity

The professor also came up with another conclusion to support his view, that is, its speed. Scientists are surprised to find that the speed of a planet in the universe is not affected by its natural gravity when it passes through the star .

When natural stars roam in the universe, they are bound to be affected by gravity. Only when the spacecraft has enough power, it can accelerate and reverse. Therefore, scientists believe that Omo is not a natural celestial body, but an alien spaceship. See here a lot of people wonder, it and we usually say the UFO gap is too big!

Some people think that this may be the disguise of alien civilization. In order to protect themselves, alien civilizations will design spaceships in the shape of celestial bodies, so that when they travel in the universe, they will not attract the attention of other civilizations. Of course, it’s just a guess. Now aomomo has gone away from us, and he has become a secret in our hearts forever. What do you think aomomo will be?

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