Apple seed is rich in cyanide, can cause death? After eating apples for 30 years, I first heard that seeds are poisonous

Apple is the best of many fruits, loved by all of us, not only good quality and low price, but also good taste of apple. There is also a popular saying among the people: “an apple a day keeps the disease away from me”. Apples are rich in a variety of minerals and vitamins, and enjoy the reputation of “healthy fruit”.

Apple was introduced into China at the end of Qing Dynasty, which had nutritional and medicinal value

In the ancient history of China, Apple was introduced from western countries in the late Qing Dynasty. At that time, Yantai, Shandong Province was the first choice for planting. In fact, there are relevant records about Apple in ancient Chinese historical materials. It is not called Apple, but called “Nai” or “LinQin”. It originated in Xinjiang. LinQin was loved by ancient ancestors because of its sweet taste and nearly spherical fruit There was no word “apple” at that time, so it was called “LinQin”.

The portrait of ancient LinQin

1. Medicinal value of apple

Li Shizhen once said: the fruit of Malus is small and round. Among them, Catalpa bungei is sour. Others are golden, red, water, honey and black, all named after their color and taste. Another color like purple Nai, to the winter only fruit, in Li Shizhen “compendium of Materia Medica” records, Apple has antidiarrheal effect.

In the late Qing Dynasty, excellent “apple” was introduced from the West. Because of its better variety, it gradually replaced the previous one. In the process of planting, although this variety was small, it had strong flavor, excellent efficacy and high nutritional value. Because of its unique high value, it was deeply loved by Cixi at that time. In order to curry favor with Cixi, many local officials pay her apples every year. According to incomplete statistics, Cixi consumes nearly 150000 apples every year. Because the apples taste excellent, Cixi’s skin gradually gets better after taking them for a long time. Because Apple is rich in malic acid and tartaric acid, it helps to promote digestion, especially the consumption of high fat food in the body. At the same time, apple can also play a role in detoxification and beauty, expelling excess toxins in the kidney.

The picture shows Empress Dowager Cixi and her apple

2. Nutritional value of apple

Apple is a very common fruit, can be seen everywhere in life, there are many varieties of apple, common are: Red Fuji, Gala, red general, jonagon, red star, Qin Guan, Huang marshal and so on, apple contains a lot of vitamins and dietary fiber, especially pectin content is relatively high. In addition to the functions of Tonifying the heart and Qi, tonifying the stomach and strengthening the spleen, apple is also the best product for beauty and beauty. It can not only be the best food for diet, but also make the skin tender and smooth. Because it is a low calorie food, Apple has extremely high nutritional value among beauty lovers.

The nutrients in apples are easy to be absorbed by the human body. It is rich in copper, iodine, zinc, potassium and other elements. It is the “protector” of the heart and brain blood vessels. It is known as “all healthy fruit” by scientists. Especially the middle-aged and elderly friends, they should take appropriate apples every day, which is not only conducive to promoting intestinal peristalsis, but also conducive to the elimination of waste in the body and removing blood waste from our body Garbage, promote metabolism.

In history, many literati and patriotic generals like apples very much. For example, Feng Yuxiang is a loyal fan of apple. At the beginning, because he liked apples, he spared no effort to promote the cultivation of apples. After the split between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, Feng Yuxiang lived in seclusion in a small mountain village in Shanxi Province. Because he loved to eat fruits, he specially sent people to Yantai and other places to buy apple seedlings and promote planting in Shanxi Province. In Feng Yuxiang’s eyes, not only he could eat apples himself, but also many future generations in Shanxi Province would eat apples. It is the so-called planting trees by predecessors for the benefit of future generations!

In addition, Xu Zhimo, a literary writer, likes apples and has a special preference for them. According to Mr. Shen Congwen’s recollection, Xu Zhimo was late for class once, so he didn’t have time to have breakfast, so he brought a big apple with him. While eating, he said to the students, “Chinese things are not all worse than foreign ones. We apple is very good.”

Mr. Chen Yinke, a master of Chinese and Western literature and history, has the reputation of “Professor among professors”. In his later years, Chen Yinke was frail and suffered from chronic stomach disease, which often led to indigestion. When his friend Ma Xiaoyun learned about his condition, he specially sent someone to airlift Yantai apples from Shandong to supply Chen Yinke. Chen Yinke also liked eating this kind of fruit very much, and his stomach disease gradually improved for a period of time.

The picture shows Xu Zhimo

So the apple is full of treasure. Is its apple seed poisonous or not?

Apple is the king of fruit, it is all over the treasure, including its apple skin, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduce constipation. But a few years ago, there was a news report on the Internet: in Chongqing, a baby over one year old suffered from food poisoning and vomiting after drinking half a bowl of freshly squeezed apple juice. For this reason, some netizens can’t help asking: “is apple seed really poisonous?” Yes, apple seed is not edible, because apple seed can lead to the formation of hydrocyanic acid, which is very easy to cause food poisoning. The amygdalin in apple seeds will produce hydrocyanic acid after being decomposed in water. It is toxic and can cause dyspnea, life-threatening and high risk of death.

After listening to this statement, will you have such a feeling: “after eating apples for more than 30 years, I heard for the first time that their seeds are poisonous!” So what is the hydrocyanic acid in apple seeds? When it comes to hydrocyanic acid, it’s estimated that many netizens can’t help contacting some spy dramas. If the action is exposed, hydrocyanic acid can help them die and commit suicide in an instant without suffering from the enemy. Who on earth discovered hydrocyanic acid?

The person who discovered hydrocyanic acid was Scheler. He was a self-taught man. When he was a child, Scheler’s family was very rich, but later his father’s company went bankrupt. Scheler became a child of a poor family from a rich second generation, and was forced to drop out of school to work. Scheler is a diligent and studious child. Even if he dropped out of school, he would study by himself. He studied pharmacy by himself and was very interested in it. He was especially good at studying the chemical knowledge. Often with his amazing memory and unconventional spirit, he established his own learning system, which must be verified by experiments. Due to Scheler’s long-term hard work and studiousness, he achieved fruitful results. When he had only a primary school diploma, Scheler was elected as an academician of the Swedish Academy of Sciences. In the study of fluorite (calcium fluoride), Scheler discovered hydrofluoric acid and became the first person in the world to produce hydrofluoric acid in large quantities.

How toxic is hydrocyanic acid? This kind of gas can directly damage people’s lungs and cornea, especially its liquid state. It will cause necrosis of human tissue cell membrane and damage the body’s immune system. High concentration of hydrofluoric acid will cause poisoning of the body’s nervous system. When the skin contacts about 160 square centimeters, it will cause death due to cardiac arrest. In the cartoon “Detective Conan”, many killers will use potassium cyanate to kill people. This cyanide is highly toxic. As long as people contact it, the probability of death will be very high. Because of Scheler’s many experiments, he often extracted this toxin, and finally let him die young!

The picture shows Scheler

Low dose of apple seed can lead to illness and no death

Some netizens will question: “I usually eat apples, but also swallow apple seeds, how can I be safe?” Swallowing apple seeds without abnormality does not mean that apple seeds are not poisonous. You should know that the amount of amygdalin contained in one gram of apple seeds is about 3 mg. Of course, it also depends on the apple varieties. The amount of cyanide extracted from one gram of apple seeds is very small. After being chewed, it can release about 0.06 mg of cyanide. Therefore, it is not harmful to accidentally eat two or three apple seeds, but If you squeeze 500 milliliters of apple seeds, it will be fatal. As the saying goes, “when things go to extremes, they will reverse, but when they are poor, they will change.” Everything has two sides, the key is to grasp the “degree”. We should also eat apples with a certain degree, especially apple seeds. If we eat too much by mistake, it is a fatal risk for us.

Apple also has another invisible potential killer: “the color enhancement of erythropoietin”

Nowadays, after dinner and tea, we often hear some people complain: “there is no apple flavor in eating apples now.”

You know, during the growth of many fruits, growers began to use growth promoting hormone for their own benefit. This kind of growth promoting hormone is just like a large amount of oxytocin injected into chickens by poultry farmers, so that they can sell in advance. In the same way, fruits injected with excessive amount of erythropoietin or growth promoting hormone will mislead consumers to “win by appearance”. We should know that this toxin is a great threat to human health. In order to make apples look bright red, many fruit growers began to inject growth promoting hormone and erythropoietin into them together. After such apples grow, they are very big and bright red. Although they look very good, if people take them for a long time, their liver will be damaged and their kidneys will be affected accordingly.

Some old people are industrious and thrifty. They are reluctant to throw away rotten apples. It is not advisable to remove rotten places and then eat them. The rotten part is cut off, but the whole apple has been infected by mold. At this time, if we eat it, we may have acute poisoning, fever, abdominal pain, vomiting, anorexia and other physical discomfort, and even life-threatening.

It can be seen that although apple is the king of fruits with nutritional value and medicinal value, its seeds are poisonous and can not be taken in large quantities. Moreover, for rotten apples, we must not be reluctant to throw them away. After every meal, we should not rush to eat apples. In this way, it is easy to be blocked in the stomach by the food we eat first, resulting in flatulence, constipation and other symptoms, which have adverse effects on digestion . So it’s better for us to eat apples about two hours after dinner. When eating apples, we should pay attention to chewing and swallowing, which is not only conducive to digestion, but also to maintain oral hygiene. For those who love beauty to lose weight, we can take apples as the best thing!

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