Archaeological discovery of the pyramid building draft 4000 years ago, the mystery of pyramid building will be revealed

The most mysterious building on earth must be the pyramid of Egypt. There are many secrets about the pyramids. Since the beginning of the excavation and exploration of the pyramids, all kinds of mysterious events have happened one after another. At the same time, all kinds of strange things have been discovered. The more in-depth study of the pyramids, the more incredible they are.

Let’s first talk about the external arrangement of the pyramids. When scientists drew the plane structure map of ancient Egypt on the map, they found that the arrangement and distribution was completely related to the astronomical arrangement of stars.

According to the truth, if thousands of years ago, the ancient Egyptians who built the pyramids could not have mastered such profound knowledge of astronomy, plus the stones that built the pyramids, each of which was more than ten tons in weight. Without strong handling technology, the construction of the pyramids could not have been completed.

There are many murals inside the pyramid, and these murals are even more incredible. There are murals of modern aircraft, figures in spacesuits, and astronauts flying aircraft in spacesuits. It’s like the work of an interstellar civilization. Even we don’t have this technology in modern times. Therefore, many scientists doubt that the Egyptian pyramid is the product of alien civilization?

Only such an explanation can make sense.

Although this possibility is relatively large, no substantial evidence has been found and it is only speculation. But a recent archaeological discovery has turned things around. Archaeologists found a 4000 year old journal in a cave in the desert not far from the pyramid. This journal is full of pyramid designs and related text notes. Scientists say this may be the draft of the pyramid when it was built. If we can see through the mystery, there may be a major discovery.

But unfortunately, after the journal was brought back to the Institute, many researchers of ancient Chinese characters were called together, and they could not understand the above words. Is this a kind of lost civilization on earth or alien words?

Ancient Egypt is only a few thousand years away from now, and most of the ancient characters of that era have been handed down, and now they can be deciphered. But why didn’t you see only the words in this journal at that time? Maybe that means that this is not the script of the earth civilization at all, only the script of the alien advanced civilization.

We can guess what happened in those years: the aliens came to the tribe of ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians treated these extraterrestrial visitors as gods. When the aliens saw that the backward Egyptians worshipped them so much, they naturally wanted to give nothing back to the Egyptian people. So I came up with the idea of building pyramids, and pyramids may be the common buildings of these aliens on their home planet. Maybe the houses of aliens are like this.

So the aliens began to work. They first designed the drawings, and then they used the aircrafts on their spaceships to carry down countless large stones in the mountains far away. According to the drawings, they started to build. The whole construction was magnificent. The Egyptians had never seen these aircrafts, machinery and equipment, and they could only credit them to the alien artifacts.

After a period of busyness, pyramids were built. At this time, the aliens had to leave, and the draft diary was not taken away, so it was thrown to the earth. After the aliens left, the Egyptians naturally treated these pyramids as sacred objects, and finally as the tombs of the pharaohs, which were also engraved with all kinds of alien tools they had seen, as well as the appearance of the aliens.

There are some strange looking figures in the ancient Egyptian pyramids, which may be the aliens who came to the earth at that time. Now archaeologists have found the draft diary of the construction of the pyramid, but they can’t understand the words. The words may be the key. They can give us a deeper understanding of this high-level extraterrestrial civilization. Maybe there will be another day in the future.

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