Archaeologists entered the first two floors of the nine story demon tower, but did not dare to dig the back seven floors. Why?

The earth is a living planet that has been born 4.6 billion years ago, and human beings have appeared for millions of years. Since the birth of human beings, the earth has also begun to transform from a living planet to a civilized planet. In the history of human civilization, there have been various religious beliefs, mainly because people in ancient times did not have scientific research, for some natural phenomena, celestial phenomena will be attributed to gods and so on.

As we all know, there are many cultures in China’s 5000 year civilization, among which the tomb culture has far-reaching influence. Reincarnation of life and death is the life must face, whether it is animals or plants, or human beings can not escape the fate of death, when the moment of human birth, the final fate is inseparable from death.

Therefore, the way to deal with people after death has become a major event that can not be ignored, so the tomb culture gradually formed. People should be buried after they die, whether they are civilians or emperors. The difference is that the emperor’s mausoleum is very luxurious. In fact, we should also thank the ancient people for the formation of this tomb culture, otherwise a lot of historical truth will disappear.

As we all know, after their death, the ancient people loved to bury some important things in their tombs, especially in the tombs of emperors. There are many precious things, and there are many related records of the dynasties at that time. Modern archaeologists only rely on the relevant records found in ancient tombs to understand the history of human civilization for thousands of years.

In recent years, with the rise of Internet novels, there are more and more novels about tomb raiding and treasure hunting, such as notes on Tomb raiding, which is a work of great gods and creates the legend of Internet novels. It is composed of many small stories, among which nine story demon tower is one. Later, “nine story demon tower” was adapted into a film, which also set a good audience rating. Because of the special theme, the work has attracted a lot of people. Among them, the mysterious nine layer demon has attracted a lot of attention.

Maybe many people think that the nine story demon tower is just a fictional tomb in the novel, but today Xiaobian wants to tell friends that the nine story demon tower is not fictional in the novel, and there really exists a nine story demon tower in reality, so what is the nine story demon tower like in reality? Now let’s get to know.

In fact, the nine storey pagoda is very common in the history of Chinese civilization. The reason why it is so common is that nine is the largest number in Buddhism, so many ancient pagodas are nine storey, which is a kind of cultural symbol.

Although the nine story demon tower in reality is not as exaggerated and weird as that described in novels and movies, it is also an eye opener for archaeologists. In reality, the nine story demon pagoda is just a folk saying. Archaeologists call it Xuewei No.1 tomb. It is located in Chahanwusu Town, Dulan County, Qinghai Province, about 10 kilometers southeast of Shuishui township. It is a group of ancient tombs.

The reason why people call it the demon tower is that there is a legend: it is said that the ancient tombs here used to be the insight of the demon’s hiding place. Later, King Gesar led the heroes to fight against the demons for many days and finally drove them away. However, the cave is not empty. There are countless gold and silver treasures in it. Therefore, the local people call these ancient tombs “demon cave”.

Xuewei No.1 tomb faces south in the north and has a large scale. It looks like the word “gold” in a man, because it also gets the name “Oriental pyramid”. The location of this large tomb is very good. There are two winding mountains behind it. From a bird’s-eye view, it looks like two giant dragons. “Coincidentally,” the combination of the tombs between the two dragons in front forms the pattern of Erlong Xizhu.

Under the tomb, there are three layers of walls made of clay and stone. On the whole, the walls are made of one layer of cypress and one layer of stone. Don’t underestimate the simple structure of stone and wood, but actually it contains University questions. Tomb No. 1 has nine layers of cypress, which is why it is named “nine layer demon tower”. Maybe many people think that this big tomb has the name of demon tower. No one dares to steal it and keep it intact. But in fact, when archaeologists found it, it had already been patronized by tomb robbers and had not been completely preserved.

Because of its large scale, archaeologists only excavated the first and second layers of the tomb, which alone unearthed a large number of burial objects and more than 700 animal remains such as cattle, horses and sheep. Among the numerous funerary objects, there are ancient leather boots, ancient Tibetan wood chips, ancient Mongolian documents, painted wood chips and gold ornaments, wood dishes, wood birds and animals, grain, a large number of silk and so on.

Later, after only one or two floors of archaeological excavation work, it stopped and did not dare to dig any further. Many people do not understand this: why? There should be nine stories in the nine story demon tower. It’s only been dug twice. There are seven stories below. Why don’t we dig them? For this reason, many people reported that there were strange things happening below, and they did not dare to dig any further. Is that really the case?

The real situation is not like this. The reason why the archaeologists dare not continue to dig down is not because they have encountered some strange events, but because they are concerned about the protection of cultural relics. You should know that the nine story demon pagoda is completely made of wood. After thousands of years, these wooden structures have become very weak. If they can’t get it right, the whole pagoda will be destroyed because of the excavation workers who just stopped We will continue to dig until we have better technology in the future.

These ancient tombs in our country are treasures of culture, which record historical culture and historical truth. Now many things that people don’t know about the ancient history are likely to get the truth in the ancient tombs here. For example, Qin Shihuang’s mausoleum, the greatest and most mysterious mausoleum in China, is even more grand and incredible. There must be various written records about Qin Shihuang’s time. These records are much more valuable than some unofficial history spread among the people.

Of course, these ancient tombs will also become a memory in the future. With the rapid development of human science and technology and the continuous increase of global population, the earth’s land can no longer meet the needs of people’s tombs, because in the future, people will cremate or choose more advanced technology after they die. In fact, it is still unknown whether the modern civilization records can be handed down for thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years.

Although there are more advanced chip storage methods now, and the time to save data is incomparable with that of ancient tombs, chip storage also has its weakness and can be easily destroyed. So in the future, people may only talk about tombs as a legend. Of course, some people will say that the form of tombs in the future will not disappear. Although there is no place for tombs on earth, there are more tombs on other planets.

We can carry out tombs on other planets. The universe is so big that there are countless planets. As long as human space technology is developed enough to fly further, there are planets everywhere. In fact, this possibility is really possible. If human science and technology develop rapidly, it will be very easy for people to go to other planets when it is as easy as drinking water to get into and out of space. Maybe many people will no longer choose cremation after death, but follow the ancient way of burial, but not on earth, but on other planets, such as Mars.

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