Archaeologists unearthed an ancient mobile phone with cuneiform characters on it, about 800 years ago

Two years ago, Austrian archaeologists discovered an object similar to a mobile phone, which seems to be an ancient mobile phone. There are buttons on the mobile phone that are exactly like those on ordinary mobile phones, and the wedge-shaped characters representing numbers are carved on the buttons, similar to the shape of Nokia mobile phones in the past.

Archaeologists can confirm that the mobile phone is only a clay mobile phone model after isotopic detection, and it is surprising that it was produced 800 years ago. Although the first mobile phone to the widespread popularity of smart phones, the development of mobile phones is changing with each passing day, but it is only in a short period of half a century. And what does this old mobile phone model represent?

If it is true that people at that time had invented the mobile phone as a communication tool, but there was no other historical basis and data record, and even if there was a mobile phone at that time, how was the communication network constructed? It’s totally impossible.

In this way, people can only guess in a more mysterious direction,

First guess

: it is possible that there are some aliens who have visited the earth and have lost this model. As we all know, although the facts of aliens can not be confirmed by certain, they are not entirely fantasy or fabrication of people. There is no more powerful scientific explanation for all kinds of “alien traces” that cannot be explained.

Second guess

: time crossing, some modern people with special abilities crossed to 800 years ago, and made such advanced communication tools for them in the future era with clay. In ancient times, the technology at that time would not have perfect facilities such as power or communication. So the Vietnamese could only use this shape to show the charm of future technology to the people at that time!

The third guess

People who don’t want to believe in mythology think that this must be a fraud carefully designed by someone, so how can this fraud pass the material test perfectly, and the characters engraved on it should also follow certain rules, and this kind of cuneiform characters was used 5000 years ago by people. If it’s really just a fraud, then the person who designed the fraud is also a person with high ancient Chinese characters What’s the purpose of this scam?

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