Archaeology finds that 10000 years ago, nuclear bomb explosion destroyed ancient civilization? Nuclear bombs or alien civilizations

Human beings in the universe continue to use a variety of methods to find aliens, until now have not found aliens. So are there aliens in the universe? Scientists believe that aliens exist. The universe is too big to find. It can only be our technology or our backwardness.

Although no extraterrestrials have been found in the universe, archaeologists on earth have found that in fact, the earth has been visited by extraterrestrials in ancient times. There are many records about tianwaitianke all over the world. The ancients were backward in science and technology and treated these aliens as gods.

There are many modern murals in the pyramids of Egypt, such as the murals of flying models, the murals of astronauts wearing spacesuits, and the murals of flying vehicles in the middle of the universe. These facts tell us that aliens came to the earth in ancient Egypt and helped the Egyptians build these pyramids. When Egyptians regarded these aliens as gods, they naturally recorded their appearance and some wonders in the form of murals.

There are many ancient manuscripts, monuments and cultural relics on the earth. In ancient times, aliens frequently appeared on the earth and left traces on the earth. There are even some records that the first emperor of Qin received and communicated with visitors from outside the world. Therefore, many people doubt that the first emperor of Qin sent Xu Fu to look for the elixir of immortality. The aliens told the first emperor that people can live forever.

Maybe what aliens said at that time was a kind of genetic technology. With the advanced technology of aliens, it was possible to prolong life by genetic transformation. However, Qin Shihuang mistakenly believed that there was an elixir for immortality in the world. There are even folklores. Maybe there are some documents about aliens in the mausoleum of Qin Shihuang. After all, if Qin Shihuang really saw aliens at that time and treated them as gods, there is no reason not to leave records. Maybe there are some murals about aliens in the mausoleum of Qin Shihuang, like those in the pyramids of Egypt.

Overseas Mahabharata and Ramayana recorded a massacre 12000 years ago. The ancients recorded what they saw through words. At that time, people didn’t understand what happened. But this incident was discovered by archaeologists. They found out from the literature that this is the modern scene of atomic bomb explosion?

According to the records of Mahabharata, one day, the world threw a bomb, which was full of the power of the universe. A wisp of hot smoke and flame was as bright as the sun. It was an unknown weapon, an iron lightning, a huge messenger of death, and turned into ashes. The bodies were burned, hair and nails fell off; there was no obvious reason for the broken pottery, and the birds turned white. In a few hours All the food is infected The soldiers dived into the river. Clean themselves and their equipment.

This ancient description, modern people see, this is not a nuclear bomb explosion? There was a nuclear bomb 12000 years ago? This is not made up by the people at that time, but the real records of the people at that time. Ancient people regarded this weapon as a demon, saying that it was a divine punishment. But modern people all know that this is a nuclear war, and there are similar records in Ramayana. After the nuclear bomb exploded, an ancient civilization was destroyed.

Archaeologists found not only this ancient record, but also other evidence. At that time, researchers found a layer of radioactive ash covering an area of about 8 square kilometers in Rajasthan state, 16 kilometers west of Jodhpur. It is said that the radiation is so strong that it is still polluting the area today. It can be seen that this kind of equivalent nuclear bomb is definitely much more powerful than our current maximum equivalent nuclear bomb.

The ancient archaeological sites of Harappa and mohjoo Daro are seen as another important evidence – where experts found skeletons scattered throughout the area, almost like a sudden and devastating event that destroyed the whole city.

An atomic bomb explosion is bound to have a deep crater, and there is a 2154 meter crater 400 kilometers away from Bombay. This may be the result of the nuclear explosion 12000 years ago. Can our present nuclear bomb have such great power? It is estimated that it will not work. Our nuclear bomb is only half of its power at most.

So where did this nuclear bomb come from 12000 years ago? According to the ancient prose, the gods were actually aliens. Why did the aliens put nuclear bombs? Xiaobian thought that maybe it was the national war at that time. One country got close to these aliens, and the aliens helped this country destroy other countries with nuclear bombs.

It seems that aliens are not friendly, as Hawking has repeatedly warned: human beings should not try to contact with aliens, it may not be an opportunity or a disaster.

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