Are a large number of mysterious celestial bodies on the edge of the solar system protecting or imprisoning human beings?

How big is the solar system? This question is difficult to answer, because the solar system is too big, so far, human beings have not enough technology to let human spaceships fly to the edge of the solar system to see where the limit of the solar system is. Scientists have given many answers, each of which has its foundation, but there are also loopholes.

Voyager 2 broke through the highest level of solar wind for the second time in human history. Last year, Voyager 2 sent back another message: it has been flying for 41 years, crossing more than 20 billion kilometers. Looks like this distance is the limit of the sun?

For a long time, scientists have regarded the “Kuiper belt” outside Neptune as the boundary of the solar system. It is a mysterious area composed of various dwarf planets. Since human spacecraft can not carry astronauts for more than 40 years, most of the information about this place is accumulated by scientists’ continuous research.

However, the magical structure of the Kuiper belt gives it an unusual name – “solar shield”. However, many people think that it may be a “prison” designed by aliens for their solar system. The scientist gave an explanation.

What we call the “shield” is to put the solar system in the center of the solar system like a huge bubble. How did it come into being? Some people hold different views. Some people think that they were originally interstellar materials near the sun, but because the sun often erupts solar wind, pushing these interstellar materials to the edge of the solar system bit by bit until outside Neptune. When the solar wind loses its power, these interstellar materials will slow down and stop, forming what they are today.

But others believe that they are the original interstellar matter close to the sun and the primitive planets growing up with the sun. But then, due to various reasons, they didn’t grow into planets, so they were constantly pushed away, and finally pushed to the present Kuiper belt by Neptune. Even more likely, they may be planets roaming from the universe, colliding and breaking when they enter the solar system, and finally being blown here by solar storms.

Not only that, but also the discussion about the role of this kind of strange celestial body. Some people think that it was deliberately designed by a highly civilized alien race in order to restrict human beings living on earth from entering interstellar space, or for other purposes.

Others believe that the role of the Kuiper belt may really be to protect the solar system. If wandering stars want to enter the solar system, the first thing they have to break through is the dwarf planetary belt filled with all kinds of asteroids. Therefore, the Kuiper belt has become the first line of defense of the solar system. Once it breaks through, humans will find this phenomenon, and thus the Kuiper Belt will play an important role A warning function. It can be seen that the importance of the Kuiper belt in the solar system.

In any case, the Kuiper belt has indeed played a role in protecting the solar system to some extent, just like an “eggshell”. However, when human technology is strong enough to escape from the solar system, then the “eggshell” will become a difficult problem for human beings. Human beings need to break through the eggshell layer in order to freely explore the more distant universe.

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