Are aliens greeting humans? “Mysterious” sand dunes appear in the desert, who left the signal?

In the whole universe, human beings are just like a drop in the ocean. Maybe there is alien life in the vision we can’t see. Many people think that the earth is rich in resources, spectacular and vast, which has attracted the attention of aliens. Aliens have long been on the earth and left traces. Is this true?

Mysterious sand dunes

Since the last century, scientists have been trying to communicate with aliens, but to no avail. In the course of our exploration of the universe, we have also found many mysterious things. It seems that many mysterious patterns appear in the endless desert and grassland. Through the photos, we can see that there are buildings similar to pyramids in the desert. If you look closer, you will find that this is just a sand dune. Scientists are surprised that such sand dunes are not rare, they tend to form a huge circle, distributed in all corners of the desert.

Although many people speculate that these sand dunes are likely to be formed naturally, there is no substantial evidence. The appearance of these sand dunes is too perfect and the images are very standard. Human beings can create them. If human beings really pile up these sand dunes in the desert, how can they leave no traces? So these people think that these sand dunes are likely to be the masterpieces of aliens, which is likely to represent the buildings of aliens. If we can unravel the secrets of these dunes, we may be able to enter the alien base.

The entrance of parallel space time

Others are more daring. They think that these dunes are the entrances of parallel space-time, but only when a certain date, the gate of space-time will appear. There are so many mysteries in these sand dunes that they can be seen in the first second, and they will disappear in the next second, so it’s hard to capture such a spectacular sight with a camera. It’s all by luck. Why do these dunes appear? Who built it? What does it mean? It is still controversial.

Strange circle in wheat field

In addition to these mysterious sand dunes, strange patterns have also appeared on many farms in Europe. This is the well-known crop circle. Although some people claim that the crop circles are created by themselves, which is just a prank, there are also some crop circles that can’t be done by human beings. Maybe these strange patterns that have not been answered are probably marks left by aliens.

It’s not a short time for human beings to search for aliens. The whole process is very long, and we will also face many unexpected difficulties and dangers. Therefore, we need to improve our scientific research ability. If we can enter a first-class civilization, we may build a colonial city in space. Isn’t it easy to find aliens? I don’t know what you think?

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