Are ancient palace maids really afraid of being spoiled by the emperor?

It’s human nature to climb the dragon and the Phoenix. Some maids who have lived in the deep palace for a long time often have whimsical ideas and always want to fly to the branches to be the Phoenix. Cinderella’s story is not only happened abroad, it’s human nature.

But if you want to succeed, you need not only beauty and ambition, but also wisdom and government. In other words, you play conspiracy no less than others, trying to attract the emperor to your side, let him not only for you “whim”, love you, but also use the opportunity to get pregnant, the mother depends on the son.

After pregnancy, you can also hide everything, escape the cruel and jealous concubines, even the queen, and let the child be born smoothly. It must be a boy whose facial features are so similar to the emperor that it aroused the emperor’s deep love. As a result, the mother depends on the son, and then gradually becomes docile and charming, successfully captures the sacred heart, and finally becomes the Supreme Master of the palace. Unfortunately, for most of the people For many people, it’s all a dream. Are there any successful palace maids in history?

Yes, but not much. The concubines who came from palace maids in the Qing Dynasty included the Wei family, the imperial concubine of Kangxi, the wanliuha family, and the Wei family, the birth mother of emperor Jiaqing. These are the most typical examples of palace maids becoming concubines.

The palace maids of each dynasty had their own plans and city offices. In the era of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, he had a unique idea to let his concubines and palace maids wear flowers on their heads. The emperor would favor whoever the butterfly stayed on.

So the scheming maids began to think of ways to spread sugar on their own headflowers, so that they could attract butterflies.

Emperor Wu of the Jin Dynasty was a lecherous and fickle man. He often drove a sheep cart around the palace to see who the sheep stayed at the gate of the courtyard. His concubines and maids tried their best to sprinkle salt water on the bamboo in front of their door, because the sheep loved to eat salty leaves. To gain the emperor’s favor in this way might change their fate.

So why are some maids afraid of the emperor’s favor? These people must be maids without ambition and great wisdom.

Most of them are girls from poor families, and most of them are daughters of farmers. Their parents sell money to support their boys.

How could the emperor really like such a woman? Even if he was pregnant occasionally, the emperor would stay away from her. He didn’t want to admit that she was his child. He was ashamed and couldn’t explain it to the queen.

Even if the emperor was kind-hearted and didn’t despise her, he gave her a title and let her mother depend on her son. But so many concubines in the palace were not fuel-efficient lamps. They must do everything possible to harm her. They didn’t want to let an unknown maid ride on their head, let alone many concubines had no children, so they were more jealous, which led to a lot of miscarriage in the harem.

Smart palace ladies all know where the emperor will really like themselves, but it’s just on the spur of the moment. After that, they don’t remember who they are. If they become the emperor’s women, they will have no hope of going out of the palace. I’m afraid they will die old in the Palace. If the unlucky emperor dies early, they will have to be buried. That’s even worse. This should be the most cruel punishment.

Even Zhao Feiyan can’t escape from the funeral and guarding the mausoleum. She is the queen, so she is in danger. It can be seen that avoiding favor is also a good way to save her life. Therefore, a wise maid will try every means to avoid favor.

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