Are Andersen’s fairy tales true? A pair of red dance shoes killed 400 people in the street because of crazy dancing

Russian materialist philosopher Nikolay gavrinovich chernischevsky once said, “art comes from life, higher than life”.

Many artists in the creation process, will find inspiration from life, so as to sublimate their works. Andersen, the king of fairy tales, is such an artist.

You should have read Andersen’s fairy tales. There is a story about red shoes. In the story, there is a little girl named Karen, originally a rural girl, who was adopted by a rich old woman after her mother died.

With the improvement of living environment, Karen has become conceited and pampered. Karen had a pair of red dance shoes before she was adopted. In order to meet her current status, she asked her adoptive mother to buy her a pair of Princess grade customized red dance shoes and put them on the church.

When Karen wore red shoes to church for the first time, the red shoes began to beat, but fortunately, Karen was able to take them off. Later, when her adoptive mother fell ill, Karen secretly wore red dance shoes to the party.

When a mysterious soldier praised her red shoes at the party, they began to jump up spontaneously. This time, Karen can’t take off her red shoes, she can only dance day and night. After the angel appeared, Karen confessed to the angel, but it didn’t help.

In despair, Karen begged the executioner to free her and cut off her foot. This is God’s warning to the conceited children of the world. Karen is bearing the consequences.

Most people think that Andersen’s fairy tales are fictional. But in fact, the story has a prototype. In 1518, in a small European village, a young married woman named filau suddenly danced a gig in the street.

The crowd thought she wanted to liven up the atmosphere and cheer for her. But gradually, people found something wrong. It’s similar to tap dancing in Northern Ireland.

Dancing takes a lot of energy. But Philo didn’t stop after the dance, but continued to dance wildly. There was an expression of pain on her face, but her feet couldn’t stop.

Everyone stopped her in a hurry, but her legs were still shaking until she was exhausted, foaming and fainting. However, it did not end so simply.

Those who watched Filo started dancing involuntarily. As many as 400 people. This scene is so spectacular that it can’t be stopped.

At that time, religious power prevailed in Europe. They were believed to be possessed by ghosts and gods, so they were driven to a nearby mountain to die. In the end, more than 400 people died from dancing too much.

Of course, not everyone believes in religious ghosts. Some scientists found a fungus called ergot on the dead. This mold usually occurs on wet rye.

If you eat it, it produces an illusion accompanied by convulsions. Some scientists believe that this group of people is a series of reactions caused by eating ergot by mistake.

However, this claim has not been confirmed, so the “red shoe incident” in medieval Europe is still an unsolved mystery.

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