Are astronauts paid a lot? Do you want to be an astronaut after watching it?

Hundreds of years ago, mankind entered the road of scientific and technological development. With the help of science and technology, we soon realized our dream of flying to the sky, walked out of the earth and began to explore the universe.

From the moment when human beings walk out of the earth, it marks that human civilization has ushered in a new chapter of development and entered a new era. At the same time, a new profession has been born in the human industry, which is astronaut. Astronaut is not only a new profession born after human beings walk out of the earth, but also a great profession.

I believe many friends are very interested in the career of astronaut, and they all want to be a glorious astronaut one day. However, the selection of astronauts is very strict. They should not only have physical quality that surpasses ordinary people, but also have good psychological quality and excellent professional knowledge.

It is precisely because the selection of astronauts is very strict, so it is one in a million to become an astronaut. The astronauts of various countries mainly choose from the soldiers, because the physical quality of the soldiers is basically strong, and they can adapt to the initial selection conditions of astronauts.

Astronaut is not a public occupation, it is a glorious and mysterious occupation. Any profession will have a corresponding wage standard, different industries, wages and incomes also have great differences. Since astronaut is a very rare profession, and its selection is one in a million, is the salary of astronaut very high?

Maybe in the eyes of many people, the salary of astronauts must be very high, so what’s the truth? Now let’s learn about the salary standard of astronauts in a big Aerospace country in the world.

First of all, let’s look at the salary of American astronauts. As we all know, the United States is the most powerful Aerospace Power in the world and the first country in the world to have a space station. Therefore, the number of American astronauts is the largest in the world, and they often travel between the earth and space. How about the income of American astronauts?

Astronauts don’t work in space all the year round. They also need to do a lot of training on the ground. Therefore, the wages of astronauts on the ground are different from those in space.

American astronauts earn about $100000 a month on earth. If there is a space mission, there will be a subsidy of about $50000. The total salary may be about 150000 US dollars, which is about 1 million RMB. Moreover, the salary will continue to increase with the seniority, experience and the number of trips to space. In other words, the older the seniority, the more trips to space, the higher the monthly salary.

In fact, this kind of income is not too high in the United States. In economically developed countries like the United States, many of the monthly professional income can reach this figure. Therefore, the salary of American astronauts in the United States can only be regarded as the upper middle level.

Secondly, let’s look at the salary of Russian astronauts. Russia is also a powerful Aerospace country. As we all know, the first man-made satellite was launched by the former Soviet Union, and the first astronaut to walk out of the earth was also the former Soviet Union. In the last century, before the collapse of the Soviet Union, it can be said that it was the most powerful Aerospace Power in the world.

Unfortunately, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was overtaken by the United States. Nevertheless, at present, Russia is also the second most powerful Aerospace Power in the world. Compared with the United States, the wages of Russian astronauts are very small. As we all know, Russia’s economy has always been relatively weak, so the wages of various industries are much lower than those of the United States.

The average monthly salary of Russian astronauts is 10000-20000 yuan. If they go to space for missions, they will get an additional subsidy of about 30000 yuan. In addition, there are various kinds of subsidies. In fact, such income is relatively high in Russia.

Finally, let’s look at the salary of Chinese astronauts. As we all know, China’s space industry started relatively late. Compared with the space industry of the United States and Russia, we are decades behind. Therefore, the selection of astronauts in China only started in this century, because in the last century, China did not have the technical ability to realize the flying of astronauts.

Although China’s space industry started late, its development speed is very fast. Since Shenzhou-5, 11 astronauts have entered space. In addition to the astronauts who have been in space, there are many astronauts who have been selected and trained to prepare for the future space.

What is the salary of astronauts in China? The average salary is about 10000 yuan. If you have a space mission, you can get an additional subsidy of about 40000 yuan. In addition, there are other kinds of free subsidies, such as daily diet, living and so on. Overall, the annual income of Chinese astronauts is about hundreds of thousands of yuan.

Looking at this, many people may say that the salary of Chinese astronauts is not high, and the fact is true. Although the monthly income of more than 10000 in our country as a whole has reached the forefront of most people, the monthly income of many excellent occupations is far more than 10000. For example, the income of stars and some big net celebrities far exceeds that of astronauts.

If we just look at the salary, many people may not regard astronauts as an ideal for the future. But let’s not forget that the income of astronauts is not everything. This profession is more of an honor, which can’t be compared with salary.

So, the majority of people want to be astronauts, they are not running for income, but for an honor. Astronauts can be said to be at the forefront of science. They can learn more about the universe and the truth of the world that ordinary people don’t know.

Moreover, when astronauts go out of the earth and stand in space, they can more intuitively understand the earth and the universe, which we can’t really experience. Some rich people in the world need to pay tens of millions of dollars, even hundreds of millions of dollars, if they want to go into space, while astronauts can go into space without spending a cent.

Of course, the career of astronaut, we should not imagine how complicated and mysterious it is. In fact, with the rapid development of human space technology. Astronauts will become an ordinary profession in the future, because a large number of ordinary people can also enter space freely.

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