Are chickens descendants of dinosaurs? Is there any basis? Why do people say dinosaurs are the offspring of chickens?

The world has experienced five mass extinctions, and all the living creatures today have evolved and multiplied from ancient creatures.

As long as human beings want to explore and know what the ancestors of every living thing are, there is still hope.

It can be seen that the evolution of organisms is so magical that the fittest survive and evolve with the environment. Today, let’s talk about the ancestors of chickens? What is the evolution of chicken?

As we all know, chicken is a kind of poultry. Domestic chicken originated from wild jungle fowl. Its domestication history is at least about 4000 years. However, it was not until around 1800 that chicken and eggs became mass-produced commodities, and people could taste delicious chicken.

Some netizens said that the ancestor of chicken is the dinosaur that we extinct for 65 million years.

As soon as this statement appeared, it caused a heated discussion. Dinosaurs were prehistoric giants at the end of the Cretaceous period. How huge their bodies were, how strong their biting force was, and how powerful they could imagine with their toes.

Chickens are so small that they can’t be confused. But did you find anything? At first glance, it seems that chickens and dinosaurs are a little similar. Are chickens really the descendants of dinosaurs?

In the 19th century, scientists discovered Archaeopteryx fossils, so it is generally believed that chickens are birds.

No one associate chicken with dinosaur. Later, it was found that the bones and toes of Archaeopteryx were very similar to those of theropod dinosaurs, so there was a hypothesis that dinosaurs were the ancestors of chickens.

What dinosaur might chicken be?

Someone zoomed in the picture of a chicken to the size of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and found that they were very similar.

After the size of dinosaurs gradually became smaller, after millions of years of evolution, they grew feathers and beaks, and gradually evolved into Archaeopteryx. Scientists found that the DNA sequence of dinosaurs and chickens fit as high as 80%, which is enough to prove that dinosaurs are the ancestors of chickens.

What’s more, humans have inferred its body shape from the bones of T. rex. Some scientists speculate that T. rex and other dinosaurs all had feathers, but after all, we have all seen it. Who knows what the skin of dinosaurs is like.

It’s shocking to say that dinosaurs are the ancestors of chickens. Even some people say that chickens are the ancestors of dinosaurs. What’s going on?

The evolutionary history of birds is actually very long. The Archaeopteryx mentioned above is the ancestor of modern birds. They are a kind of species with long wings, tails and plumes. They lived in the Jurassic period about 150 million years ago.

At present, scientists can not find evidence that Archaeopteryx can fly, because the physiological structure of Archaeopteryx is different from that of modern birds, such as leg feathers, sternum, mandible and so on.

But anyway, it’s impossible to say that chickens are the ancestors of dinosaurs. Maybe it’s unintentional!

There is a funny comment

“Chickens are the descendants of dinosaurs, and humans are also the descendants of dinosaurs. Pigs are the descendants of crocodiles. Magnetic fields or radioactive radiation accelerated gene mutation somewhere on the earth. 60 million years later, the earth experienced the evolution of Cambrian dinosaurs. Feathered chickens and hairy monkeys and apes evolved. Dinosaurs died out, and then the earth entered the thermostat, and humans evolved. People are really like dinosaurs, sheep, dogs, pigs and horses are more like crocodiles. “

We must say why. Xiaobian is more optimistic about the idea that dinosaurs are the ancestors of chickens.

But once we analyze this problem from a scientific point of view, we will find that it is unlikely that chickens are descendants of dinosaurs, because the genes of every animal actually determine the natural conditions of every animal.

What do you think? Welcome to comment area.

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