Are crayfish and Squilla the same species? An article makes you understand

Like to eat crayfish friends, all know that in addition to lobster, there are more delicious crayfish Squilla than lobster, of course, this also makes many friends have a misunderstanding, crayfish and crayfish Squilla is not a variety, good tangle, how to do, let the small make up for you as a food, distinguish crayfish and crayfish Squilla.

After 7890, when they were young, they all loved to fish in the river and catch shrimps. The origin of Squilla is the Changbai Mountain water system. Squilla inhabits in cold water with the same proportion of head to tail. There is a pair of big pincers on the head. The water quality of Squilla should be clear, and it should live in non polluted rivers, streams, rocks and other waters. It is extremely sensitive to pesticides and chemicals, and slight pollution can cause death. Food people all know that the meat of water crayfish is white and tender, easy to digest, and rich in nutrition. It’s very good for people who are weak. Food people also keep a good memory of water crayfish.

The common spicy crayfish on the table is an alien invasive species, with fast growth, cylindrical shape, thick crustacean and strong adaptability, forming an absolute competitive advantage in the local ecological environment. The crayfish is larger than other freshwater shrimps, and its meat is relatively more delicious. Therefore, it is made into many famous spicy crayfish, which are welcomed and loved by the majority of food .

Have you distinguished crayfish from crayfish? Crayfish used to be very common in China, but with the destruction of the environment, crayfish are becoming rare. Even Xiaobian hasn’t seen crayfish for more than ten years. Have you seen crayfish? Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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