Are dreams related to parallel worlds? Why are these two people’s dreams staged in reality?

On the earth, no matter human beings or creatures, they always dream when they sleep. We often say that dreams are virtual and will not happen in the real world. But in fact, this problem has been puzzling many scientists. In 1988, a man named Alvin once had a strange dream, but he did not expect that the scene in the dream would be real one year later It’s too late.

Alvin’s dream

At that time, Alvin always had the same dream repeatedly for half a year. In his dream, he went to a thick forest. The bright moonlight covered every corner of the forest. He ran without any clue. Suddenly there was a fork in front of him. When he was hesitating, a mysterious voice let him run to the left. So he ran to the path on the left and was awakened. After that, he would have the same dream every week. Although it would not affect his normal life, it still bothered him. He had seen a doctor and a psychiatrist, and the effect was not ideal.

A year later, he went on an outing with his friends. In the evening, his friend suddenly had a stomachache, so he had to go back to the doctor. When she went through a forest, he suddenly met two robbers and began to run away in the forest. In the process of his escape, he found that the forest seemed very familiar. It turned out that this was the forest in the dream. Just as the robber was about to catch up with him, there was a fork in the road in front of him, and Irving immediately started to run towards the path on the left. After running for a few minutes, he saw the tent and the car, and the two robbers left bitterly.


My paintings

In addition to Irving’s story, in 2009, there was a painter named Chloe Mayo who once created an oil painting. In this painting, she painted herself in a red dress, with a bearded man beside her. This painting is also based on the scene in the dream. As like as two peas, she met her boyfriend. After several months, she found out that she was exactly the same as the image in her dream, her mouthpiece mouthpiece and her red skirt.

After seeing the deeds of these two people, many people feel strange. We often say that dreams are false, but the dreams of these two people are actually staged in reality. Even scientists can’t tell why.

Some people think that dreams may be related to the parallel world. When humans dream, they will be in another space. Because the two spaces interact with each other, the magnetic field becomes special, so humans dream. Of course, we know that the exploration of dreams is still going on, and there are not many ideal results. Maybe in the future, our science and technology will have a qualitative leap, so we can really understand dreams.

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