Are humans designed by aliens? DNA says it all

One of the biggest mysteries of science is DNA sequence, which is a very complex code with a unique double helix shape, just like a twisted ladder.

But scientists really began to understand DNA in 1953. Watson of the United States and Crick of the United Kingdom jointly announced to the world that they had discovered DNA, explained the structure and characteristics of DNA, and said that DNA is the molecule carrying our genetic information.

However, despite the significance of this discovery, it is still unable to answer how DNA converts information into proteins. Moreover, up to now, scientists still know little about DNA, and many of the answers are unanswered. It seems that this highly artistic pattern has exceeded the creative power of nature, and therefore there is a debate about the origin of life.

In the less developed era of science and technology, superstition thought that life was created by God, while the theory of biological evolution challenged the relevant views. Because of the long history, scientists have been unable to find the key clues to the origin of life. Only through the important information obtained from DNA and gene inheritance, can we continuously piece together and restore the process of biological evolution.

By comparing the genes of human beings with those of other animals, some people think that human beings may not have originated from the earth, and human genes may have come from alien civilizations. This sounds incredible. After all, a lot of evidence points to the inadaptability of human beings to the universe.

However, human DNA is not very common in life. Or it can be said that no creature can be as perfect as human beings, and there is no element of boasting.

In just a few million years, human beings have entered the era of science and technology. According to this view, without the interference or guidance of advanced civilization, we may still stay in the primitive jungle. It may have been eliminated in the cruel laws of nature.

Some scientists believe that human DNA has a similar function to ideograph, which may be used to explain some profound physical knowledge. However, the development level of human science and technology is limited, so we can not solve the mystery for the time being. There is even a view that human DNA acts like a folder, where a lot of original information may be stored.

If human beings are really created by alien civilizations, it is likely to receive important information from them through DNA in the future. So as to get in touch with the “parent star”. Human beings once had some “search for extraterrestrial civilization projects”, which aimed to search for extraterrestrial civilization with the help of the special role of DNA.

As early as 1977, a mysterious radio signal was received on earth, so some radicals believed that our genes were waiting to be activated. The reason why it is impossible to activate at this stage may be that the time has not come. Our “receivers” are not yet mature, but one day we can get in touch with them.

Xiaobian believes that on the basis of this theory, there are still many phenomena about alien civilization. If this is true, the genes in human body come from alien civilization, which will be the research result of changing human history and subverting the cognition of all mankind.

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