Are humans domesticating dinosaurs? The murals that existed 300000 years ago, maybe there are prehistoric civilizations on the earth!

Are humans domesticating dinosaurs?

The murals that existed 300000 years ago, maybe there are prehistoric civilizations on the earth!

According to the geological comparison, scientists speculate that the earth may have been born for more than 4.6 billion years. The existence of mankind is only more than 4 million years old. People’s research on human civilization has been going on all the time. Recently, a section of archaeological data found that humans were domesticating dinosaurs.

Around the 1970s, an archaeologist discovered an ancient tunnel in the tropical rainforest of Mexico. According to the observation and study of this tunnel, it is found that some people have entered the tunnel, and after entering, they found that the things in the tunnel are very smooth and complete. In addition, there are some animal stone carvings in the tunnel, and some patterns are even found on the walls. And these patterns seem to indicate that humans were domesticating dinosaurs. According to the study of these patterns, dinosaurs were all chained, and some of them were bred pets. And scientists and archaeologists, through the age of murals to explore. It is found that this mural originated at least several hundred thousand years ago. But dinosaurs were extinct more than 66 million years ago. It was impossible for human beings to see dinosaurs at that time. So why can we draw the appearance of dinosaurs?

Through research, scientists speculate. These murals are probably left by the giants of the previous era. And in modern times, there are many places to dig out some fossils about giants. It turns out that there were giants on earth. And that giant existed for at least hundreds of millions of years. If I speculate in this way, then the existence of the giants makes sense, but how did they enter the small tunnel to paint? And the paintings are very meticulous. This statement is really not very reliable.

Others speculate. It is said that the mural was built by the people who led the people in the past. However, this statement is not reliable and has no scientific basis. Maybe there were intelligent humans at that time, which could record events. Perhaps the earliest intelligent humans evolved, so humans began to domesticate dinosaurs. When humans found some dinosaurs left behind and raised them as pets. Maybe it was because dinosaurs were very rare at that time. Therefore, now people think that dinosaurs were extinct 66 million years ago. So far, the discussion has continued.

For the existence of prehistoric civilization, human beings have been exploring. The Maya civilization, Atlantis and so on, which we all know well, suddenly disappeared. The Mayan civilization was prosperous in science, mathematics and astronomy. I don’t know why. Atlantis was extremely developed in science and technology, and then, somehow, suddenly disappeared. At present, the site has been found deep under the sea. Scientists estimate that it disappeared more than 10000 years ago.

Maybe prehistoric civilization really exists, maybe there are dinosaurs in the world. Do you want to keep a dinosaur as a pet?

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