Are humans evolved from monkeys? Back in time, man could have been a fish!

Are humans evolved from monkeys? Back in time, man could have been a fish!

Everyone has doubts about the origin of human beings. The evolution of human development can be traced back to the forest ape, which has a history of 15 million years. In the process of development, after countless times of evolution and evolution, modern man came into being. At first, people simply believed that all creatures on the earth were created by God, and there were fairy tales in every country, such as Nuwa made man. These fairy tales were widely spread, but there was no basis.

There was no answer to the question of the origin of human beings for a long time. Until the middle and late 18th century, Darwin put forward a new explanation, that is, the theory of biological evolution, which overturned the previous cognition of human beings. It involves the mystery of the origin of human beings. When it was first put forward, it was attacked. Most people don’t believe that humans evolved from apes. Some people even ridicule Darwin and set his image as a monkey. So far, there are a lot of views on biological evolution. Why is it difficult for monkeys in zoos to evolve into humans? Are humans evolved from monkeys? Back in time, man could have been a fish!

What is the origin of human beings?

In fact, everyone has his own unique views on the origin of human beings. Evolutionism means that human beings came from apes. All the creatures on the earth have developed and evolved all the way up to now, not overnight. Human beings stand out from primates and become intelligent creatures. In a sense, humans have evolved a unique brain and the ability to create products.

In essence, it’s just a means of making a living. If you want to survive in nature, you have to adapt to the environment. Those who are difficult to adapt to the environment can only be eliminated. Modern humans used to have countless brothers and sisters, such as Neanderthals, capable people and so on. They are all different species. With the development process, they disappeared one by one, leaving only Homo sapiens. Modern people are equivalent to the descendants of Homo sapiens.

What are the organisms that are similar to human genes?

Through genetic observation, scientists found that chimpanzees and humans are related by blood. About 6 million years ago, chimpanzees shared a common ancestor. Since then, they have been on different evolutionary paths. Chimpanzees are also evolving, but they have deviated from the direction of human evolution. If today’s monkeys want to evolve into human beings, it’s more difficult than going to heaven. There have been countless scientists who have done experiments to raise monkeys as human beings. In the end, they have not evolved the consciousness of human beings. Humans are humans and monkeys are monkeys. These are two different things.

Human beings are the most successful species on the earth, seemingly ordinary but very special. According to the current point of view, human beings originated from the forest ape 15 million years ago. With the passage of time, they differentiated into an independent evolutionary group. Six million years ago, they parted ways with chimpanzees and went to all corners of the world. Due to different geographical environments, different races evolved. At present, the most important thing is the lack of fossil evidence. We can only rely on genes to determine the closest living creatures to human beings. If we can really trace back, maybe the ancestor of the earth is not an ape, nor does it live on land, but a bony fish. What do you think of the mystery of human origin? You can leave a message for interaction.

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