Are humans “exiles”? What’s the significance of scientists finding the number “37” in DNA?

The changes brought about by the development of science have been obvious to all of mankind for hundreds of years. With the improvement of science and technology, our life style has not only been greatly changed, but also human beings have the qualification to explore some problems. In the traditional cognition, Darwin’s theory of evolution has influenced the scientific community for many years. With the exploration of scientists, although the theory of evolution has been supplemented more and more perfect, many people still question it.

Human origin

In fact, many people still recognize the evolutionary relationship between species, but they ask a question, is human really evolved from the ancient ape? Can the selection of nature really make the beast without consciousness and thought evolve into advanced life? Therefore, they believe that there is no way to build from the ancient ape to the human if only relying on the power of nature, so the emergence of human beings is bound to have the intervention of some external forces. Biologists have also put forward their own views. In the course of millions of years of human evolution, the sequence of DNA can not be changed continuously. This actually means that there is no way for ancient apes to evolve into human beings, but human beings have emerged. Does this mean that some mysterious power has really emerged in the process of human evolution?

Are humans exiles?

With the emancipation of ideas, many conspiracy theorists believe that the earth can actually give birth to life, not by chance and coincidence. In fact, the earth is a prison, and human beings are the prisoners. If this theory was believed decades ago, many people would not believe it. However, through the efforts of scientists in recent years, this conclusion seems to have more credibility. Scientists once published a paper, they claimed that human is actually the product of genetic engineering, which first appeared hundreds of millions of years ago. At that time, under the influence of a string of keys, there was some change in the ancient ape’s DNA, which led to the evolution of human beings.

Secrets of human DNA

Such a statement is not groundless. Scientists also come up with two mysterious numbers, which are hidden in human DNA. They are numbers 3 and 7. The probability of these two numbers appearing in the human body is too high, so they speculate that this may be the signal left by the creator in the human body. The number of base pairs and cells in the human body involves 37. Scientists discovered this mysterious phenomenon for the first time in the early 21st century.

If the number of 37 is really left by external forces, who is the creator? Why are they doing this again? Is the universe really full of intelligent life?

A laboratory theory has been put forward. In fact, there is also an isolated island on the earth. The island covers an area of 60 square kilometers, and there are more than 400 indigenous residents on the island. Because of the isolation for a long time, this island has no foreign population. Is it very similar to the laboratory theory that scientists say? Are humans really exiles?

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