Are humans not indigenous people on earth? Is geocentric talent human civilization? Snowden’s disclosure is true

Evolutionism is the confirmation of human origin, but with the development of science and technology, scientists also put forward different views on evolutionism. Since there is no fossil of transition species in archaeology, the theory of evolution has also caused a lot of controversy. So far, the origin of human beings is still unknown.

With the development of technology, we have devoted all our energy to the study of the earth. In the process of studying the earth, we have found clues. Many people claim that they have seen the appearance of geocentric people with their own eyes, and they live together with human beings. Scientists have discovered many countries’ secret channels to the earth and the world. Everything seems to prove that geocentric people really exist. Is there more than one human civilization on the earth?

There’s more than one civilization in the world?

During the expedition, scientists tried to solve the mystery of the disappearance of prehistoric civilization. After all, many traces of other high intelligent civilizations have been found on the earth before human beings appeared. A former FBI researcher named Snowden once commented on this, saying that the earth is not a sphere, and other human beings also exist underground, and they can live in the earth The earth’s interior is heat-resistant, and their civilization has existed for a longer time than human beings. Are these people who exist in the underground world the indigenous people of the earth? So where do people come from?

The environment inside the earth is even worse than we think. Apart from high temperature, the earth lacks a lot of resources and oxygen. Even if they have high technology, they can’t survive in the bad environment. Even if they can find enough space inside the earth, they can’t leave the world inside the earth. Even if they have high technology, they can survive in the bad environment, So we can’t guarantee that the space inside the earth won’t collapse, because the higher the temperature inside the earth, the more likely human beings will survive.

Underground environment

It is very difficult for them to survive in the interior of the earth, and they have to face all kinds of tests at the same time. Therefore, the existence of these people is almost zero, not to mention that the human beings in the interior of the earth, that is, the indigenous people on the earth, can’t solve the problem of where human beings come from. A scientist once conducted an experiment and found the seeds of life in the universe. Is human being From outside the earth?

In recent years, in-depth studies have found some suspicions. A variety of organic materials have been found in meteorites. Are humans created by extraterrestrial life? Maybe it was the impact of asteroids that left the seeds of life on the earth. Human beings probably evolved from outer space for several years.

Now scientists are not sure whether there are other human beings in the earth, but we can’t deny that there are no human beings in the earth. I don’t know if you believe that other people really exist after reading this article?

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