Are humans really evolved from ancient apes? There are two other conjectures that we have to consider

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How did earth life and human beings come from? In fact, in the remote ancient times, the ancestors of human beings also had this kind of thinking, but the ancestors of human beings in the ancient times had no scientific guidance, and everything in this world was very strange to the ancients.

Coupled with the mystery of nature’s power, ancient human beings endowed God with the attribute of life and the origin of human beings, believing that God created all things and created life and human beings. Therefore, in the 5000 years of human civilization, at least 4000 years belong to the era of church rule. In ancient times, the emperor was above the throne and was the supreme ruler. But in fact, there was another ruler above the emperor, which was the church endowed with the attribute of God.

In ancient times, theological thinking was the absolute mainstream. You could question everything but not God, otherwise you would be labeled as rebellious and hated by a large number of people. With the continuous development of human civilization, industry began to sprout in the western world hundreds of years ago, and scientific thinking also appeared.

Under the guidance of science, some people questioned theology and began to use science to explain everything in the world. About the origin of life, in the middle of the 18th century, a biologist appeared in England. He was Darwin. Darwin is a firm scientific thinker. After decades of research and exploration, he found that there is a connection between species, so he put forward the theory of evolution, which has a far-reaching influence on later generations.

The theory of evolution tells us that the earth’s life is not created by God, but by organic matter in the earth’s ecological environment evolved into early simple life, simple life after a long time, step by step evolution gave birth to more complex and advanced creatures. Humans also evolved from the ancient ape.

Scientists have never doubted the correctness of the theory of evolution. With the continuous development of science and technology, scientists have not only confirmed the correctness of the theory of evolution through a lot of research and exploration, but also continuously improved the theory of evolution, becoming the Holy Scripture for human beings to study the mysteries of life.

Although the position of evolutionism is very high in the scientific community, not all the things described in evolutionism are supported by scientists. Some of them have been questioned by scientists, especially on the origin of human beings.

According to the description of evolutionism, humans evolved from hominids 700-800 years ago, and hominids evolved into Australopithecus, about 4-1 million years ago. Later, archaopipithecus evolved into ape man, living 170-200000 years ago, and finally evolved into Homo sapiens, about 200000-100000 years ago. Homo sapiens is the ancestor of modern humans.

There is no big problem with the above evolutionary schedule from ancient apes to modern humans, which is the result of a large number of archaeological findings. If you are careful, you will find that there is a huge gap in this timetable, that is, between the evolution of Australopithecus and the evolution of Australopithecus. This is a gap of millions of years, and scientists have not found any transitional fossils of this gap so far.

This blank period is an important node in the evolution of ancient ape to ape man and an important period in the history of human evolution. Isn’t it very strange that we can’t find any fossils related to human beings in this long period of time? It also shows that the origin of human beings may not be as simple as we think, and there may be other changes.

What will happen to this blank period? Scientists have also put forward two conjectures. The first one is the “water ape hypothesis”. This is a cognitive subversive conjecture put forward by marine biologist Alistair Hardy in 1960: human lineal ancestors may have come from the ocean.

Such a conjecture is not a random conjecture, but a conjecture put forward by geologists after continuous research and discovery. Geologists found that 8-4 million years ago, due to global warming, glaciers melted on a large scale, resulting in sea level rise and inundation of a large number of land, including the African continent, the birthplace of human beings.

Even after millions of years, we can find some answers in the geological structure. Therefore, the geologists’ research findings are basically correct. Millions of years ago, there was a high probability that such a flood event happened.

After the African continent was inundated by floods, the ancient apes living there had to enter the water to survive. It can be seen that the evolutionary road of human ancestors is very uneasy. First, due to climate change, forests have been greatly reduced, and they can only run from forests to plain life, starting the road of intelligent evolution. Later, the climate changed again, the sea level rose sharply, and a large number of land was submerged, and the people were forced to move from the plain to live in the water again.

The environment in water is very different from that on land. If we live in water for a long time, the evolution of ancient apes will inevitably change greatly. This is the structure of natural selection. No matter what kind of creatures, their evolutionary direction is determined by nature. If the environment of nature changes, then the evolutionary direction of organisms will also change.

With the passage of time, the earth’s climate changed again, the great ice age came again, the sea water gradually receded, the submerged land reappeared, the water apes living in the water returned to the land again, continued their evolution, and finally evolved into Homo sapiens. Is there any scientific basis for such a guess? of course.

Scientists put forward the “water ape hypothesis”, in addition to some discoveries made by geologists, there are also some characteristics of human body that are very consistent with the evolution of aquatic organisms. We know that humans and chimpanzees share a common ancient ancestor, and the genetic similarity between them is 98.77%.

However, there is only 1.23% genetic difference, but there is a big difference in appearance between human and chimpanzee. The most obvious external difference is hair. Chimpanzee’s whole body is covered with hair, while human’s whole body is very clean except hair and eyebrows. Why?

For the reason that there is no hair on the human body, some scientists once thought that the ancient ancestors of human beings walked upright for a long time, and they needed to hunt through fast running, and they needed to emit a lot of heat on the body, so as to continuously evolve the hair on the body. Although there is some truth in this explanation, scientists still put forward another possibility, that is, the living environment has changed greatly.

We all know that marine organisms basically have no body hair. The reason for this is that thick body hair will increase the resistance when flowing in the water, so the body hair of marine organisms has evolved in the process of evolution. If hominids lived in water for a long time millions of years ago, it would be normal for them to evolve their long hair.

The reason why there are small areas of hair such as hair, eyebrows and whiskers is that there are fragile mucosal tissues under these hairs, and the hair in these places can play a protective role. In addition, there is a special and essential fatty acid in human body – “omega-3”. These fatty acids are usually found only in aquatic organisms, and almost none of the terrestrial organisms except humans.

These characteristics of human beings are very similar to those of aquatic organisms. Therefore, the “water ape theory” is not a complete conjecture, but has a certain basis. Of course, at present, this conjecture has not been recognized by the mainstream, and more evidence is needed to make it accepted.

Another conjecture about the origin of human beings, which subverts people’s cognition, is the creation of alien civilization. After Fermi put forward the Fermi paradox, the zoo hypothesis has become a hot topic. Some people think that the earth or the entire solar system may be a biological laboratory set up by alien civilization, and human beings are the “mice” in this laboratory. Although such a conjecture is inconceivable, it does not mean that it is totally impossible.

We should know that the power of science is powerful. When science develops to a certain extent, it is inevitable to solve the mystery of life. After understanding the mystery of life, it is not difficult to change genes and the direction of life evolution. Some scientists believe that it is possible that an alien civilization came to earth millions of years ago, and then some ancient apes were genetically modified, changing their evolutionary direction and embarking on the road of intelligent evolution.

Of course, this is only a conjecture at present. The mainstream view on the origin of human beings is the theory of ancient ape evolution. If you want to break this view, you need to find more evidence, which is on the small planet earth, possibly deep underground or deep in the ocean. I believe that with the continuous progress of human science and technology, we can explore more and more areas. At that time, we may find more subversive evidence.

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