Are humans really prisoners in the solar system? After listening to the explanation of the scientists, I suddenly realized

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Some scientists once proposed such a conjecture: the solar system may be a cage, and human beings are the “Prisoners” in this huge cage. So are humans really prisoners in the solar system? Maybe many people think: this may be, human civilization is great, we have rushed out of the earth, the future will also rush out of the solar system, how can we be prisoners?

If we don’t have any knowledge of the universe, we will not think that human beings are trapped “Prisoners”. However, with the continuous improvement of our knowledge of the universe, more and more people think that human beings are trapped “Prisoners”. It’s just that it’s not the alien civilization that people imagine, but the space-time of the universe that traps human beings.

Many people may not understand this. Let’s analyze it. We all know that human beings were born on the earth. Before human beings walked out of the earth, we naturally did not know the vastness of the universe. At that time, the earth was vast in front of us, and we would not think that the Earth trapped human beings.

But when we really go out of the earth and see the vast universe, we know that the earth is too small. In a sense, the earth is actually a “cage”. If we do not enter the era of science and technology, we will never come out, and eventually human civilization will end up in the “cage” of the earth.

Only when we stand in space can we really know how small the earth is. Take the solar system for example. Its diameter is about 2 light-years. The largest celestial body is the sun. The earth is tiny in front of the sun, and the sun is also tiny in front of the whole solar system. When our spacecraft reached the orbit of Jupiter, it was almost impossible to see the existence of the earth. Even if we could barely see it, we could only see a tiny point like dust.

Standing in the corner of the earth, the solar system is vast, the earth is just a tiny existence like dust. But when we walk out of the solar system, you will find that facing the vast Milky way, the solar system is just a grain of dust. The Milky way is more than 100000 light-years in diameter, and there are hundreds of billions of stars like the sun. Even if we get out of the space-time “cage” of the solar system one day, we will also fall into the space-time “cage” of the galaxy.

So is the Galaxy Big? The space with a diameter of 100000 light-years is very large in our eyes, but when you walk out of the galaxy, you will find the existence of this galaxy group. In this galaxy group, the Milky way is not the largest, but Andromeda is the largest. However, the Milky way and Andromeda galaxy will collide and merge into a larger galaxy in 3 billion.

Outside the cluster is the Virgo supercluster, which is hundreds of millions of light-years in diameter. The Milky way also faces the supercluster like dust. Out of the supercluster, there is still a larger space structure, and the observable universe has reached 930 light-years, which may be just the tip of the iceberg of the vast universe.

We should know that the universe has been expanding rapidly since the big bang, and its expansion speed is far faster than the speed of light. It is precisely because the expansion speed of the universe is too fast that we can’t see most of the galaxies in the universe, because light can’t enter our field of vision. Unless we can develop more advanced observation technology in the future, it may be possible to really see galaxies on the edge of the universe.

Therefore, from the perspective of space-time scale, human beings are absolutely a prisoner trapped in the observable universe, and the earth, even the solar system and the Milky way, where human beings live, are negligible in the large scale of the universe. Even if we go out of the solar system, out of the galaxy and even to the edge of the universe in the future, we are still prisoners of time and space, unless one day we can go out of this universe.

But when we walk out of this universe, who can guarantee that there is another bigger cage outside the universe? Besides the cage of time and space, human beings are also “Prisoners” of matter. Why? I believe many people know that the universe is made up of matter, and the matter we can detect at present is only visible matter, and the universe we see is also visible universe.

However, through a large number of observations and studies, scientists have found that in addition to these visible matter, there are dark matter and dark energy in the universe, and the visible matter only accounts for about 5% of the total matter in the universe. The real dominant matter is dark matter and dark energy, which are the leading roles in the universe. The big bang, the formation and operation of celestial bodies, and the emergence of various rules of the universe may be dominated by dark matter and dark energy.

In particular, the rapid expansion of the universe, scientists believe that it is dark energy in the role. Dark matter and dark energy may be the dominant force behind the gravity in the universe. Through the above analysis, I believe many friends have understood that human beings are actually prisoners of time, space and matter. We are trapped in this space-time, trapped by a lot of material and unable to break free.

Some people may say, is the fate of mankind to become a permanent prisoner of time and space and material? Of course not. In fact, the birth of intelligent civilization in the universe is to challenge time, space and matter, constantly break through oneself, step by step break through the cage, and finally achieve transcendence and become an existence beyond the universe and matter.

To achieve this, we need the continuous strength of science. I believe many people know that science is great and unfathomable. Someone once asked: what is the end of science? Some people say that the end of science is theology, so what is theology? In fact, theology is transcendent science, which is transcendent in space and matter.

Only when the power of science reaches the end, can we really break through the cage of the universe and the shackles of matter. At that time, human beings are the creator and the overlord of the universe. Perhaps our universe is a cage created by some extraordinary existence. If human beings want to rush out, they have to work hard to develop science and technology. We believe that as long as human civilization can continue and science and technology can continue to develop, we will finally become a great extraordinary existence one day.

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