Are humans still evolving? Why don’t we feel it?

The earth is a life world rich in species. Intelligent life human was born millions of years ago. After the birth of human beings, thinking about life has been going on, and some wise people in ancient times have been thinking about how life came to us? How did human beings come from?

Due to the lack of scientific guidance, the ancients attributed the origin of life to God, so there are many myths and legends of human creation, such as the legend of Nuwa in China. With the continuous development of human civilization, we entered the road of scientific development hundreds of years ago. At this time, some scientists began to explore and think about the origin of human beings. After constant travel and discovery, Darwin finally put forward the famous theory of evolution.

Darwin’s theory of evolution holds that life on the earth is developed through continuous evolution, and human beings are also from the initial low-level life, after a long evolution, and finally become intelligent life. It can be said that the theory of evolution points out the direction for us to study the mysteries of life. Along this direction, scientists continue to explore and research, and have made a lot of major achievements.

The core of life development is evolution. Theoretically speaking, every kind of organism is evolving all the time. If so, why don’t we feel evolution? The problem is not complicated.

We need to understand that the driving force of life evolution is nature, which competes with nature. The law of survival of the fittest is promoting life to evolve in different directions. Four billion years ago, the earliest single-cell life was born near volcanic hot springs in the ocean.

In order to adapt to the natural environment of land, the last part of marine life gave up the talent of marine life and evolved into various organs and tissues adapted to land life.

And the natural environment of land is more complex, each region has its own different ecological environment, after the prosperity of terrestrial life, they began to move around the world. In a new environment, nature promotes these life to complete the evolution of adapting to the local environment, so the original species, divided into multiple species.

Although these species are different in appearance, they have a common origin. The same is true of the origin of human beings. Millions of years ago, some apes went out of the forest and began to live in the plains. In order to adapt to plain life and survive better, nature chose to let these apes evolve in the direction of wisdom.

When these apes embarked on the road of wisdom evolution, they did not all gather in one place, but chose to live in different areas. Due to the different living environment, on the road of wisdom evolution, it also evolved into different intelligent races.

Therefore, among the intelligent species on earth, Homo sapiens, the ancestor of human beings, is not the only one. In millions of years, there have been many intelligent people. However, in the later continuous development, only Homo sapiens finally developed and expanded, and evolved into modern people. The rest of the human race disappeared and became the dust of history.

Scientists have found that tens of thousands of years ago, the brain capacity of Homo sapiens was almost the same as that of modern people. So many people think that human evolution may have stopped long ago. Is that really the case? If you think so, it’s a big mistake.

As a matter of fact, the evolution of human beings has not stopped. It has been going on from a million years ago to the present. Even if you study carefully, you will find many differences between human beings more than 1000 years ago and the present. For example, the human Fabry bone has disappeared for a long time, but since modern times, scientists have found that the number of people with Fabry bone has been increasing since the last century, and now it has increased from 10% of the world to 39%.

The rapid increase in the number of faberi bone owners also shows that human beings have been constantly evolving. This is actually very normal. As we said earlier, the driving force of biological evolution is nature. As long as the environment of nature is constantly changing, the evolution of life will not stop.

The faster the ecological environment changes, the faster the evolution of life will be. After human beings enter the industrial age, the rapid development of industry has a greater and greater impact on the ecological environment, and the range of changes in nature is also increasing. In this case, although the speed of extinction of life is also accelerating, the living organisms are also accelerating their evolution in order to adapt to the rapidly changing environment.

In addition to the rapid biological evolution caused by environmental factors, the impact of human science and technology on the evolution of life is becoming more and more obvious. For example, nuclear radiation can make many animals show obvious variation characteristics, which is also an evolutionary evolution.

The reason why we don’t feel the occurrence of evolution is that no matter how fast the natural evolution is, it will take at least tens of thousands of years. This is a relatively fast evolution. Most of the time, it takes at least millions of years for an organism to become another species. It takes a long time for evolution to appear in organisms, so we can’t feel the evolution of human beings.

However, human beings are intelligent life, and have already embarked on the road of science and technology. As we all know, the mystery of everything can not escape from science, so is the mystery of life. After entering the era of science and technology, human beings are constantly carrying out all kinds of life research and exploration, especially the mystery of the core gene of life.

The essence of life is that genes play a role in it. Gene mutation is the essence of life evolution. Under normal circumstances, gene mutation is the change of natural environment. But in the era of science and technology, we can change gene mutation or other gene direction through gene technology.

With the addition of human science and technology, the evolution of life can make independent selection, thus accelerating the evolution of life. The way of human evolution in the future, we will not rely on nature, but use science and technology to evolve good choices. We should know that the evolution of nature is full of many uncertainties, good and bad will happen to human beings.

If we use genetic technology to choose, then our evolutionary direction can be optimized, the good will inherit and evolve, and the bad will be abandoned. Even in the future, we will be able to transfer some powerful abilities of other organisms to human beings through genetic technology, so that we can all become Superman.

Maybe many friends are worried that if we use genetic technology for evolution, will future human beings become a monster without human like? In fact, this kind of worry is superfluous. With the maturity of human genetic technology, we will attach great importance to the appearance of human beings when we choose the direction of evolution. We will keep the appearance of human beings, instead of evolving into a monster.

The completed human life body is not only powerful in internal optimization, but also perfect in appearance. Therefore, in the future human society, ugly men and ugly women will basically disappear. With powerful genetic technology, everyone can become handsome and beautiful. Unless someone has a special hobby and takes the initiative to ask himself to become a monster, we can naturally meet this requirement.

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