Are Mars samples brought back to earth a threat to humans? Scientists: return to earth should be restricted

The Mars probe accidentally found a Mars sample, and the astronauts of the International Space Station tested the sample and found signs of life, which made them ecstatic.

With the careful cultivation of the astronauts, the Martian biological cells gradually awakened, then began to divide and grow, and evolved into Octopus like and powerful life, thus playing a terrifying cat and mouse game with the astronauts on the space station.

This is the plot from the science fiction film “the awakening of the stars” released in 2017.

With the continuous development of human science and technology, the exploration of Mars is more and more in-depth, and more and more Mars probes are found on Mars.

Moreover, according to foreign media reports, according to the plan of NASA and ESA, human beings will collect and store the original samples found on Mars through NASA’s “willpower” Mars probe before 2030, and transport them back to earth.

Will the horror disaster in the movie happen in reality? Are those Mars samples a threat to humans? These problems are worthy of our serious consideration.

Kathy Conley, a former NASA planetary protection officer, said that all mankind should pay close attention to the plan to bring Mars samples back to earth. “Since the beginning of exploration, planetary conservation awareness has meant that samples from Mars should be considered ‘restricted return to earth’,” she said

And she also believes that even if Mars samples are to be collected, the strictest containers should be used, so as to achieve and protect the samples and the earth.

Some people think that after the successful landing on the moon in 1969, the United States returned to earth with “lunar rocks” from the moon. Of course, scientists have strictly isolated these lunar samples. And the world is still fine, and no terrible disaster has happened.

In recent years, people have also found more than 30 meteorites from Mars, such as the most famous Martian meteorite ALH84001. Scientists have measured its internal temperature, and the results show that it never exceeds 40 degrees Celsius. Therefore, if there are really dormant microorganisms in it, they are likely to successfully come to the earth.

Although scientists are still controversial about it, it is certain that the meteorites have not been abnormal since they came to earth.

So they think the plan to bring back samples from Mars is no problem, and it doesn’t need to be too fussy. As long as human science and technology have reached the goal, we will do it without hesitation.

So far, human beings have not found life outside the earth in the universe, even the simplest microorganisms have not been found.

But at the same time, there is no evidence to prove that extraterrestrial life does not exist. We can only say that our current technology level is far from enough.

The willpower Mars probe will be launched this summer, and it will further search for signs of life on the red planet.

In order to take precautions, the equipment for extracting Mars samples must have a high biosafety factor. Although the possibility of damage to earth’s biosphere on Mars is very low, almost less than 1%, it cannot be ruled out. After all, no one can guarantee that its risk is 100% zero.

Xiao Bian believes that whatever is brought back from outside the earth must be strictly inspected to ensure 100% safety before it can be brought back to the earth. And the plot in the previous movie will not appear.

What do you think of the threat of Mars samples being brought back to earth? Welcome to comment area.

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