Are the first “Martian residents” confirmed? Why is it not human to treat cosmic rays as “food”?

With the wantonly plundering of the earth’s resources, the earth’s environment has changed. If human civilization wants to continue, it must find the next livable planet. Since 2020, many countries have pinned their hopes for livability on Mars. Rocket maniac musk once claimed that he would set up a base on Mars and strive to send the first batch of human beings to Mars as soon as possible.

The first “life” on Mars

The harsh environment on Mars is an undoubted fact. Scientists believe that if human want to survive on Mars, it must take hundreds of years to transform Mars. Only by laying a good foundation can we solve our worries. For the sake of life safety, various countries are also drawing up a list of the first Martian residents. Scientists believe that, according to the current environmental situation, human beings may not be suitable for landing on Mars. In the hundreds of years since Mars was transformed, human beings could not survive normally. Therefore, they believe that the first batch of life on Mars was not human beings, but microorganisms.

Why not humans?

Microbes are thousands of times more viable than humans. Mars can survive even if the environment is harsh and oxygen is scarce. According to the current data, there are more microorganisms on the earth that are suitable for living in the universe. Scientists once found a microorganism in Chernobyl. It can extend its life by absorbing radiation to provide energy for itself. If this kind of microorganism is put on Mars, it can not only absorb the strong radiation from the universe, but also use this radiation as food. They can adapt to the Martian environment faster than human beings and gain a foothold in Mars.

Microbial ecosystem

If microorganisms enter Mars, it means that a small ecosystem will be formed on Mars first. This ecosystem is a virtuous circle for human beings. After entering Mars, in order to avoid the cruel environment, human beings can only survive in the space capsule, and microorganisms enter Mars first, which also plays a certain role in promoting the environmental transformation of Mars.

This plan has also been supported by many people. After all, microorganisms are the premise of the birth of life on earth. In the early days of the earth’s birth, the environment was very bad. It was with the emergence of microorganisms that the earth’s environment was transformed, and life was slowly on the stage of history. Therefore, these microorganisms can enter Mars, which means that they provide a good prerequisite for human survival.

Today, the exploration of Mars is becoming more and more urgent. With the journey of Mars 1 and willpower, they will present their true appearance to human beings after they enter Mars. Is the human plan feasible? When can we go to Mars? It all depends on the data they provide. So scientists are still paying close attention to Mars. If they can, microbes will replace humans as the first life to take root on Mars.

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