Are the frequent underground corridors and tunnels between the north and the south the entrance to the earth’s inner world?

Human beings have lived on the earth for millions of years, but we still know little about the earth. There are still many mysterious things on the earth waiting for human to explore. Many people think that the earth is a solid sphere. With the deepening of exploration, some conspiracy theorists also think that the interior of the earth is not solid. In fact, there is an unknown world deep underground.

Conspiracy theorists claim that there are channels connecting the underground world in some corners of the earth. As long as human beings can find these channels, they can enter the underground world. The legend about the underground world has been handed down for a long time, and there are records about the inner world in many Buddhist classics. There are also such records in ancient Indian books. It is said that there is an underground corridor in the heart of the earth. This underground corridor is called agalta. You can reach the inner world along this corridor. There are countless caves and endless treasures there. According to the exploration of scientists, the geocentric world is likely to exist. The underground corridor of agalta may cross the Atlantic Ocean and connect four continents, including Europe and Asia.

Indian underground gallery

In 1942, the davilams of the United States visited Mexico. After their visit, they were also received by President Roosevelt. The couple told President Roosevelt what they had seen and heard. They claimed that while they were exploring the rainforest in Mexico, they found a group of Indians guarding the entrance of the underground corridor. When they were ready to enter the underground corridor, they were immediately surrounded by the Indians and kept away from them with weapons. Davilam and his wife explained their intention to the Indians, saying that they had no malice towards them. After talking with the Indians, they found out that these Indians were descendants of the Mayans, called lacantons.

They live in this primeval forest from generation to generation, guarding the underground corridor. In their culture, there are endless treasures in the underground corridor. Their ancestors once left such a motto: “no outsiders are allowed to enter.”. Seeing this, many people have doubts. Do you really have this underground world deep inside the earth? Since then, more and more countries have joined the search for underground corridors.

Peru underground corridor

In July 1960, a Peruvian team explored the Andes and accidentally found an underground corridor. Scientists were shocked when they saw the underground corridor, which was 1000 kilometers long and connected to Colombia. In order to protect the corridor, the Peruvian government blocked all the entrances, and the underground corridor became a world cultural heritage.

Underground corridor in Myanmar

When the Second World War broke out, there was an American soldier named EBER. He lost contact with his comrades in arms in the process of fighting, so he could only stay in the virgin forest of Myanmar. He wandered aimlessly in the forest and suddenly found a secret hole. In order to protect himself, he ventured into the cave and found that it was brighter than the outside. According to his description, there is a strong artificial light source deep in the cave. Even in the cave, it is as bright as day, just like a prosperous underground city. Where did the American soldier see such a scene? When he was fascinated by it, he was suddenly caught and locked up in the cave for four years. It was not until he escaped desperately that he told the secret of the underground world.

Over the years, the legend about the underground world has never been broken. In the eyes of many conspiracy theorists, they believe that there are entrances to the underground world at both the north and south poles. Although these legends are well spread, there is no way for us to make a final conclusion based on the words of one family. This only shows that we know too little about the earth, and there are too many unsolved mysteries waiting for human beings to solve. I don’t know what people think of the underground world?

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