Are there billions of years of civilization in the universe? They may be something we don’t understand

Since the singularity explosion, the universe has been expanding continuously. It has a history of 13.8 billion years. The solar system was formed 4.6 billion years ago, and the earth also appeared at the same time. Moreover, the earth is the only planet with intelligent life in the solar system. Human beings were born on the earth millions of years ago. After continuous evolution and development, human civilization finally came into being. Now human beings have stepped out of the earth and begun to explore the universe. At this time, human beings have a question: is there any other extraterrestrial civilization in the universe?

The universe is so big that scientists have found hundreds of billions of stars in the galaxy, and there are many earth like planets that are very similar to the earth. Scientists believe that there must be extraterrestrial civilization. There is no such civilization in the solar system, and extraterrestrial civilization may be found outside the solar system. Unfortunately, human beings are still unable to go out of the solar system and find extraterrestrial life outside the solar system.

If there are many alien civilizations in the universe, their development time must be different. Some civilizations may have been born very early and have entered the interstellar civilization, some may have just been born and still be in the primitive society, and others may have the ancestors of intelligent life just appeared and have not yet born true wisdom.

Since civilizations in the universe are born at different times and have different levels of development, is there a high-level civilization that has developed for billions of years? If so, how far has their civilization developed? In fact, it is not difficult to answer this question. The universe has been born for 13.8 billion years. At the beginning, the universe was unstable and did not have the conditions for the birth of life. However, 8 billion years ago, the universe stabilized. At this time, the universe had the conditions for the birth of life, and all kinds of life began to appear in the stars that met the conditions. Some of these life have become intelligent life through continuous evolution Life, later developed into wisdom civilization.

If a civilization begins to appear soon after the universe has stabilized, and develops into an intelligent civilization in the near future, it will surely be in the forefront of all civilizations in the universe and develop faster than other civilizations. It’s just that this civilization has not died prematurely or suffered accidental destruction. It may have developed for billions of years now, and its civilization may be more powerful than we know.

Advanced civilization has developed for billions of years, and its energy is beyond our understanding. We are still using energy such as oil and natural gas, while advanced civilization may have been using cosmic energy, such as dark energy and black hole energy. The population of advanced civilization is far more than that of human beings. We only live on the earth. Seven billion people feel much better. However, there may be many galaxies under the jurisdiction of advanced civilization, which may be hundreds of thousands of light-years in their territory. There are countless colonies and living planets, and the population may also be in megabytes.

Advanced civilization has broken through the speed limit. The main reason why human beings can’t get out of the solar system is speed. When exploring the universe, the speed of light can only be regarded as the basic speed. Even if your spaceship can reach the speed of light, you can’t fly out of the galaxy, let alone explore the galaxies outside the galaxy. If you want to get out of the galaxy, you can explore further space, You can’t do it without faster than light.

Advanced civilizations have mastered superluminal flight. They can easily open wormholes in the universe for superluminal shuttle. The speed of light and superluminal is too far away for human beings. We are still in the theoretical stage of the speed of light. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the speed of objects can only be infinitely close to the speed of light. The speed of light has a great impact on the existing physical theory. We can’t understand how to realize the speed of light, let alone exceed the speed of light. Only with the continuous improvement of the overall level of civilization and the knowledge reserve, can we study the speed of light and the speed of light.

For the advanced civilization, which has been developing for billions of years, their understanding of the universe is far beyond human cognition. Maybe many of the things that human beings are still in the stage of theory and conjecture have been understood and realized. For the advanced civilization, the ultimate secret of the universe may have been understood. Their ultimate goal is to solve the truth of the universe, If there is a multiverse, we should try our best to go to the edge of the universe, leave the universe, and continue to develop and explore the space beyond the universe.

The other is the understanding of the multidimensional universe. Advanced civilizations may already have a way to carry out the four-dimensional universe, the five dimensional universe, etc., but this is too incredible for human beings. Therefore, for an alien civilization that has developed for billions of years, we can’t understand its existence. Maybe many things are common for advanced civilization, but in our eyes, that is miracle, which is totally contrary to the existing physical theory.

However, human beings should not envy such a civilization. As long as human beings develop rapidly, we will also be a powerful existence in the universe in a few billion years. Human civilization is also a god like existence in the eyes of other alien civilizations.

Guys, do you think there will be billions of years of alien civilization in the universe? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your unique opinions and opinions.

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