Are there gods in Kunlun mountain? Netizens take photos, scientists do not believe!

Every country has mysterious landmarks. In China, there is also a mountain covered with mystery. It is also known as China’s first sacred mountain, Kunlun mountain. Some people claim that they encountered a boundary when exploring Kunlun mountain. Others say that there is a hollow world below Kunlun mountain. What’s the secret of Kunlun mountain?

Kunlun Mountain has been recorded in the book of mountains and seas. It is said that the queen mother of the West lives here, and there are immortal trees and all kinds of rare animals in Kunlun mountain. Of course, it’s just a legend, but some people still think that there are gods in Kunlun mountain. Someone once took such a picture. A figure appeared in the sky above the lightning and thunder of Kunlun mountain. The figure appeared in the middle of the sky and was not affected. This picture is also considered to be a picture of immortals. In addition to the legend of gods, when we talk about Kunlun Mountain, we have to mention one place: Death Valley.

Death Valley

According to the statistics of scientists, more than 200 people have been mysteriously missing in the valley of death, so there is a legend that only people can be seen but no one can be seen. The villagers living near Kunlun Mountain live by grazing. Outside Death Valley, there is a lively pasture, but they dare not drive cattle and sheep into death valley. In 1983, a group of horses broke into the valley of death. The owner of the horse ventured into the valley of death to look for the horse. A few days later, the horse came back but did not see the owner. After a few days, the local people decided to look for the owner of the horse. Unexpectedly, they found him on a hillside. At that time, all his clothes were torn and his face was ferocious.

But this man had no sign of being attacked by wild animals. What had he experienced before he died? No one knows. However, there are many underground rivers in many swamps of Wanggu. If people are not careful, they will fall into the river, which is no different from falling into the abyss. Therefore, the villagers near Kunlun Mountain are very awed by death valley, which has become a forbidden area for human beings.

Secrets of Kunlun Mountain

These phenomena have attracted the attention of scientists. Naturally, they don’t believe in ghosts and gods. When they came to Kunlun Mountain in person and explored it, they found that the magnetic field here is too strong, up to 3000 Gauss. Therefore, under such magnetic field strength, the probability of thunderstorm weather is very high. If these cattle and horses enter the valley of death, they are likely to be attacked by thunder.

Therefore, there are no gods in Kunlun mountain. These strange disappearances are caused by the magnetic field. Of course, Xiaobian still advises you that if you want to enter the valley of death, you should be well prepared, otherwise you will be irresponsible for life.

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