Are there gods in Kunlun mountain? Netizens took a picture, causing constant controversy!

In our impression, many tall mountains have mysterious stories and legends. There is such a mountain range in our country. It was once thought to be the place where immortals lived. In the fairy tale, Xiwangmu lived here, but in his hand, he had the elixir of immortality. Only the predestined ones could see its true appearance. This mountain is Kunlun mountain. Of course, this is only a fairy tale. There is no God in the world, but Kunlun mountain does happen There have been many mysterious phenomena.

People in the sky?

Before this, there was a picture circulating on the Internet, which was taken by netizens in Kunlun mountain. At that time, there was lightning and thunder in the sky, and it was about to rain. At the moment of lightning, a figure suddenly appeared in the air, which seemed to us like a God in the process of robbery. After this photo was published on the Internet, it caused a big stir. Some people suspected that this photo was not real, but was synthesized later. However, after experts identified it, they found that there was no trace of synthesis in this photo. Does life really exist?

People also expressed different views on this photo. Some people think that the human figure in the photo is not a real human, maybe just an unknown object similar to human. Others think that mirage happened in the sky at that time, so the human figures in other places were projected into the sky. There is no way to determine the real identity of the human figure in the sky by just one photo. Until now, this photo is still full of many controversies. Even this is not the only strange thing that happened on Kunlun mountain. There is a place called Death Valley on Kunlun Mountain, where many magical events happened.

Death Mountain

In 1983, a herdsman went to the valley of death alone in search of his lost sheep. In fact, the local people are very afraid of death valley. Even if some sheep are lost, they dare not go to death valley. After all, no one can come out alive. However, the herdsman lost too many sheep. Maybe for the sake of living, he had to go to the valley of death to look for them. But unexpectedly, he died on a hillside of the valley without any scars.

In addition to the herdsman, a series of mysterious events happened after that. A cook of the geological team heard the loud sound of lightning and thunder, and then he fell unconscious and fainted to the ground. When she opened the door the next morning, she found that the animals and plants outside had died strangely, and the carcasses of cattle and sheep were lying on the grass, surrounded by death messages.

These phenomena have also attracted the attention of scientists. What is the reason for this strange phenomenon? Scientists found that this may be related to the magnetic field of Kunlun mountain. The magical death of people and animals may be caused by lightning caused by magnetic field. That is to say, the person in the photo is not a real human. It’s just an image projected by the magnetic field and lightning. What do you think of it?

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