Are there gods on Kunlun mountain? Netizens took photos, scientists explain why!

There are all kinds of high mountains on the earth. In many people’s cognition, there are unknown creatures on the mountains, just like the Kunlun Mountain in China, which has always been full of mystery. Legends about the Kunlun Mountain emerge in endlessly. Some people even claimed that there were gods on the Kunlun Mountain, and they also took photos, which aroused the attention of netizens There is a lot of hot discussion.

Even in China’s fairy tales, we can often see the figure of Kunlun mountain. There is no doubt about the mystery of Kunlun mountain. Many immortals once practiced in Kunlun cave. However, these are the myths created by the bridge, now the human mind has been liberated, we have long been out of the age of ignorance and backwardness, Kunlun Mountain is also gradually forgotten by people. However, many nomads living in Kunlun Mountain have always maintained their admiration for Kunlun mountain. They think that apart from gods, there is a valley of death in Kunlun mountain that can not be ignored. They claim that no one will come out alive after entering the valley of death. Is this true?

Death Mountain

In 1983, all the sheep released by the local herdsmen accidentally broke into the valley of death. Because the number of these sheep is too large, and these sheep are their annual income, so the herdsmen risked their lives to enter the valley of death. After a long time, the sheep came back by themselves, but somehow they didn’t. seeing this, the local villagers were very worried, so they decided to form a team to look for the herdsman. Finally, they found the dead herdsman on a hillside. Although there are tears on the clothes, there are no scars on the body. After seeing this phenomenon, the local people dare not enter the valley of death again.

I thought it was just an episode, but only a few months later, a geologist was threatened by death again. At that time, there was a blizzard and lightning in the valley. The next day, the geologist opened the door and saw that there were charred cattle and sheep outside. Even a lot of vegetation had been burned.

The gods are robbing?

He thought that there might be gods in Kunlun Mountain, and they might be robbing. He came to such a conclusion because she had seen a picture on the Internet before, in which a man stood in the air, and the sky was full of lightning, but he was not affected, and he was still enjoying the attack of lightning. When the weather cleared up, the man mysteriously disappeared.

Scientists also refuted the rumors about this phenomenon. The human beings in the photos were not real. There was lightning and thunder at that time. Under this kind of weather, it was easy to form a mirage like scene. The human figures in the air were actually reflected. Therefore, there is no life in Kunlun Mountain, and we are just seeking a psychological comfort.

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