Are there sandstorms on Mars? Scientist: once every 10 years on average, it can cover the whole world

You know what? Sandstorm is not only a weather phenomenon on earth, but also on Mars.

NASA’s Mars probe opportunity observed and recorded large-scale dust storms on Mars the year before last.

The severe sandstorm on Mars not only completely covered the sky in the area of tens of kilometers around the opportunity, but also blocked the sunlight and cut off the source of solar energy.

This makes the opportunity, which is powered by solar panels, in a serious situation. At last, the opportunity, which has been working for 13 years, is forced to fall asleep and can no longer work.

What’s the difference between the causes of dust storms on Mars and those on earth?

The cause of the formation of the earth’s sandstorm

The earth dust storm is a kind of disastrous weather phenomenon with the interaction of wind and sand. Its formation is closely related to the global greenhouse effect, El Nino phenomenon, vegetation damage and other factors.

Moreover, over exploitation of natural resources, over deforestation and over reclamation caused by global population expansion are the main reasons for frequent sandstorms.

Although sandstorm is a kind of high-intensity wind and sand disaster, it can only occur in areas with arid climate and sparse vegetation.

Sandstorms often occur in Northwest China and northern North China.

Causes of dust storms on Mars

Mars is basically a desert planet with sand dunes, gravel and no stable liquid water.

The atmosphere on Mars is very thin, with low atmospheric pressure and low density, so it is easy to flow or rise.

There is little water in the Martian atmosphere, but there is a large amount of sand, which makes the specific heat capacity of the Martian atmosphere smaller.

The thin atmosphere of Mars can not keep the surface temperature of Mars as the earth’s atmosphere, so under the sun’s irradiation, the temperature difference between day and night of Mars is large, which is easy to produce atmospheric flow.

The gas rises at the equator of Mars and sinks in the polar region of Mars, eventually forming the atmospheric circulation on the surface of Mars.

The ability of Martian atmosphere to absorb solar wind is also relatively poor, and the solar activity has contributed to the formation of Martian dust storms.

And there are no obstacles on Mars, leading to the sandstorm there will be more unscrupulous. How unscrupulous is it?

The speed of the dust storm on Mars is as high as 180 meters per second, and the typhoon of grade 12 on earth is only 32.6 meters per second, which shows how powerful the dust storm is.

From the front, the causes of sandstorms on Mars are very similar to those on earth. Mars has an atmosphere, because uneven heating will form wind, and the wind will blow dust to form sandstorms.

However, these large-scale dust storms on Mars are relatively rare, and only occur once every ten years on average. And Mars dust storms can form in just a few hours and cover the whole planet in a few days.

Once it happens, it may take weeks or even months to stop.

Some people say that Martian dust storms are very dangerous, toxic, and will poison all life. Why do you say that?

The wind speed on Mars is very high, and the electrostatic voltage generated by friction between gravel is very high, which can ionize water and carbon dioxide in Martian atmosphere into hydrogen peroxide.

As we all know, hydrogen peroxide is a powerful oxidant. When the wind stops, they will take the opportunity to oxidize any organic molecules needed by life.

So that’s one of the reasons why we can’t find life on the surface of Mars.

Xiaobian thinks that if human beings can go to Mars in the future and bring science and technology to Mars, they may be able to make good use of this violent and persistent dust storm on Mars.

What do you think of that? Welcome to comment area.

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