Are there signs of life on the moon? The discovery of gel like substance in jade rabbit 2 is exciting for scientists.

So far, there are many unsolved mysteries about the moon. Yutu-2, developed by a Chinese scientific research team, discovered colloidal material at the far end of the moon. The discovery of this material has aroused global attention. It is the first new lunar material found in the world, but its specific composition is still unclear.

It’s not only “moon rabbit 2” that has been found on the moon, but also “Chang’e”. Some time ago, after the discovery of lunar soil by the Chang’e probe, a new substance has recently been detected by Yutu. This substance is a gelatinous material. Whether it is soil or gel material, it shows that there is great possibility of water resources on the moon. However, what components of the gel are not yet identified. If water molecules are detected in the material, then the assumption that there is water on the moon is true.

According to the photos of the lunar surface sent to the earth by scientific research, we can know that the lunar surface is pitted. The reason is that billions of years ago, when the moon was hit by meteorites like comets, the rock layers on its surface were broken into particles after impact, and the impacted meteorites also covered the surface of the moon under the action of force, forming a soil layer, making the surface of the moon no longer smooth. So, if you look at the moon from the universe, you will find that it is dark and uneven. Compared with the more regular earth, the moon is slightly inferior.

Nearly a year ago, when the fourth “Chang’e” landed on the moon, the earth’s observers observed the photos sent back by the Yutu lunar rover and found that there were some luminous unidentified substances in a crater on the moon, which made scientists very excited. Scientists thought it was a major discovery, so after discussion, they took the jade rabbit to the West for investigation as planned. By continuing to study colloidal materials, they hope more can be found. More clues about the moon will help scientists study the composition of this material.

The moon is the first star for human to land. There are still many mysteries waiting for human to explore, and the mystery of the moon needs to be revealed by scientists. It is said that when American astronauts landed on the moon last century, they also found some strange substances. But these materials only existed as the soil of the moon at that time, and they were not new materials. According to scientists at the time, the more exotic colored soil was formed after volcanic eruptions on the moon. But later studies have shown that the natural activities on the moon are not obvious, which is not credible.

When approaching the impact crater, with the help of the collision avoidance camera, Yutu used infrared like light and visible spectrometer to capture the spectrum of the strange material in the area where the material was located, and then produced the spectrum signal, analyzed it, and then transmitted the spectrum to the earth. Scientists said that this is a kind of material with a significantly different color from the inside of the crater. Some scientists speculate that these gelatinous materials are probably liquid glass formed by meteoric rocks after high temperatures. But scientists can’t say for sure.

Even if, according to scientific research, there is no life on the moon, its surface is still lifeless. But on the gray surface of the moon, gelatin like substances make scientists excited. The new discovery of colloidal material is the first discovery of new material on the moon. It is of great significance for us to explore the moon in the future. With the development of science, scientists will one day be able to explain the formation of the moon, explore the valuable materials on the moon, develop the moon and make it a home as beautiful as the earth.

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