Are you controlling the brain, or is the brain controlling you? This is a very frightening question

Brain is one of the most important and mysterious organs of human body. Some people ask a question: what is the relationship between human and human brain? Are you controlling the brain, or is the brain controlling you? At the end of the day, you will feel terrified!

It is said that a group of scientists have done such an experiment. The purpose of this experiment is to understand the control relationship between human behavior and brain.

The experimental process is as follows

Find an experimenter, place it, and let him wear the relevant EEG detection equipment. Then put a display screen in front of the experimenter. There is a timer on the display screen, and then there is a button in front of the experimenter. As long as the experimenter wants to press, he can press the button at any time.

The related EEG detection instrument will record the whole process of the experimenter’s EEG fluctuation. However, the results of this experiment are frightening.

This brain wave shows that there will be a brain wave fluctuation in a second or two before the experimenter presses the button, which is very normal. Because this is a command that the brain gives you to press a button before you press it.

But the terrible thing is that after brain wave detection, there was a mysterious brain wave fluctuation in 7-8 seconds before the experimenter pressed the button.

If you don’t make the decision, is it possible that the brain makes the decision?

This also shows that before you do something, the brain has given you a strange command, but this command is not your own decision, so who gave you the command?

Is it like that when you are playing a game, you first press the keyboard to give an instruction, and then the game characters are following closely. Who will first press the keyboard to give an instruction and then let us do something?

If you have an accident, such as wrestling, most people will subconsciously protect their brain first! Protect your brain first and why it’s so important. Who told you that?

Xiaobian thinks that people can’t control their brains. For example, Shuo, our thoughts. Sometimes, the more you want to calm down, the brain will think uncontrollably. Even some thoughts, some thoughts, you don’t know how they come out.

But if you say that the brain controls people, it seems that you can’t, for example, if the brain wants to force you to hold your breath, you won’t listen to the brain and hold your breath.

Because you may stop by yourself, or you may faint, and these behaviors block the brain’s command.

So, it’s not you controlling the brain, it’s not the brain controlling you. It can only be said that people, brain and even all organs of the body are a whole, and they perform their respective duties.

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