Are you in the mirror and photos your true appearance? The answer is what you don’t want to see

It’s human nature to love beauty. Even some animals like to show off their beauty. Human beings are intelligent life, not to mention. People can’t see their own beauty. In ancient times, people appreciated their own beauty through bronze mirrors or clear water.

With the development of science and technology, there are many ways for us to see our own appearance, such as looking in the mirror, using mobile phone video, taking photos, etc. Many people look in the mirror every day and feel that they are very good-looking. But many people will find that when we take a picture with others, we are not in the mirror.

In particular, some big head photos, classmates and colleagues take group photos. The self in the photo is very different from that in the mirror. It doesn’t feel like self. So some people have a doubt about their appearance: is the mirror and the self in the photo their true appearance? If the self in the mirror and photo is not the real self, what does the real self look like?

Some people may have heard that the mirror can beautify themselves. The self in the mirror is about 30% better than the real appearance. Although many people don’t believe it, the real situation is so. In fact, the mirror has been deceiving us all the time.

More and more people believe that they look better in the mirror than they really are, but why? How to explain it from a scientific point of view? According to scientists, one of the basic properties of a mirror is that it is upside down. Our human body is a structurally symmetrical shape, with symmetrical distribution of left eye, right eye, left face, right face, left hand, right hand and other body parts. The left face in the mirror is actually your right face, and the left hand is your right hand.

Although the human body is symmetrically distributed, it is impossible for most people to achieve this perfect left-right symmetry. Most of them show left-right asymmetry. This difference may be very small, but it is very obvious in the mirror or photos. I believe many friends will find that their left and right eyes are not the same size, right and left hands also have subtle differences, this is asymmetry.

This asymmetry, once we look in the mirror, our face in the mirror is actually the reverse situation of the real face, that is, our real face turns from positive to negative, often this situation will make you feel that your real self is not as good-looking as you are in the mirror, which is a kind of gap generated from the psychological level.

Another scientific explanation is the “exposure effect”, which is also called the “seeing more effect”, “simple, simple) exposure effect”, “pure) contact effect, etc. it is a psychological phenomenon, which means that we will prefer things we are familiar with. Social psychology also calls this effect the law of familiarity. It means that we prefer familiar things and think familiar things are good-looking.

We will meet some people in our daily life. When we meet for the first time, we feel that the other person is average in appearance, but when we meet more often, we will find that the other person is actually pretty good-looking. This is also why the family members who meet each other every day don’t think each other ugly. This is also the case among our colleagues at work. When we just entered the unit, we found that a colleague was ugly, but after working for a long time and contacting with him for a long time, we won’t feel his colleagues ugly. Sometimes, if you contact him for a long time, you feel much better than those strangers It’s too late.

I believe everyone has heard of the word “love for a long time”. When men and women are in contact with each other for a long time, they will find that each other is actually good-looking. They will gradually change from ordinary friends to lovers, and finally get married and live together. This is actually the “exposure effect” of science. If the mirror turns your appearance upside down, it will not have much influence on your optimistic degree. You think you look better in the mirror because of this “exposure effect”.

The reason why the self in the mirror is more beautiful than the real self is the “exposure effect”. Why is the self in the photo uglier than the real self? Here we will refer to another psychological term “frozen face effect”. It means that you look better in the dynamic than in the static. Because you are in the static state in the photo, the attraction of the static things is much weaker than that of the dynamic things, so you will find that the self in the photo is not as good-looking as the real self, and even less than the self in the mirror. Of course, if it’s an art photo, it’s another matter. Art photo itself has post beautification processing.

I believe many people have the experience of taking a screenshot from the video. When we watch someone talking in the video, we don’t think there is any problem. We may also think that the other person is so handsome and beautiful. However, when we accidentally take a screenshot, we will find that each other’s appearance is funny and a little ugly. This is the result of changing from dynamic to static, which is the “frozen face effect”.

Although “frozen face effect” is a psychological term, scientists have found a scientific explanation through research. The main reason for the “frozen face effect” is that the human brain is better at processing dynamic images. This is the evolution of human beings in the course of millions of years of evolution. We should know that our ancestors used their eyes to see the world, and our world itself is a dynamic world.

The human brain can easily recognize dynamic things, but the response to static things is much weaker. Scientists have also proved this by observing the activity of the brain when the eyes observe dynamic and static things. When the eyes observe dynamic things, many areas of the brain are very active and excited. But when the eye looks at static things, the brain is not so excited, and many areas are not active.

So when the human eye sees static photos and screenshots, it can only leave a “fuzzy” impression in the brain. Of course, how you look in a photo is also related to the focal length. Different focal lengths make great differences in your appearance. So it’s very difficult for us to understand each other’s real appearance through a photo.

Especially now, people who are not very good-looking can also become good-looking through the beauty map. It’s very easy to turn black skin into white skin in the beauty map. Compared with photos, mirrors are more authentic though they are deceptive.

Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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