Around 2035, mankind will build a lunar fuel factory and vigorously develop lunar resources

The moon is the closest planet to the earth and the only natural satellite of the earth. For the moon, from ancient times to the present, people have a different kind of feelings. In ancient times, people always fantasized about the beauty of the moon and the beauty of the moon, so there were many myths and legends about the moon.

But for us in the age of science and technology, our feelings for the moon are not so deep, because we understand that the moon is just a very common and desolate planet, and there is nothing special about it. Standing on the earth to see the moon, it still has a little holy white light, it looks really beautiful, but when we walk into the moon, you will find it is so ugly and desolate, it is not beautiful at all.

Since the moon is very close to the earth, the moon is the most selected planet for human exploration after walking out of the earth. In the last century, a manned landing on the moon was carried out and the surface of the moon was seen in close range. Through decades of continuous exploration and research, scientists found that although the moon is very desolate, the surface environment is also bad, but the resources on the moon are very rich.

The reason why the resources on the moon are so rich has a lot to do with its origin. According to scientists’ research on the lunar soil, the moon may have originated from a big collision in the early solar system. A Mars sized planet collided with the earth, and the fragments produced by the collision formed today’s moon.

As we all know, the earth is a life planet rich in resources, and the moon is formed by fragments of the earth and fragments of another planet, so the resource elements on the moon are very similar to the earth, which has been preliminarily proved by the study of lunar rocks. It can be said that the moon is also a part of the earth. In addition to the earth’s various resources, there is also a very important resource for the future of mankind, that is helium-3

This is a perfect raw material for nuclear fusion, and we all know the importance of nuclear fusion to human beings. However, the reserves of helium-3 in the earth are very rare, which can only meet the needs of scientific research and can not be widely used. After controlled nuclear fusion technology, we need a lot of helium-3 resources. At this time, we need to go to the moon for exploitation.

Therefore, it is inevitable to set up mining bases on the moon and vigorously develop lunar resources in the future. So when can humans establish a preliminary mining base on the moon? Last year, Japan published a scientific report saying that around 2035, fuel plants will be built on the surface of the moon to use the resources of the moon to produce hydrogen fuel.

This is not a small goal. 2035 is only 14 years from now. In such a short period of time, it is not easy to build a fuel factory on the moon to produce hydrogen. Seeing this, some friends may wonder: water is needed to make hydrogen fuel, but is there water on the moon?

Yes, to make hydrogen fuel, the final raw material is water. There are abundant water resources on earth, so there is no problem in making hydrogen fuel. But is there water on the moon? Maybe in the eyes of many people, the moon has no atmosphere, its surface is completely exposed to cosmic radiation, and the water has been carried away by the solar wind. How can there be water?

If you think so, it’s wrong. The moon is not a planet without water. There is water ice in polar regions. This point has been confirmed by scientists through many exploration experiments, and there is water in the soil 5cm away from the moon. Scientists have got the preliminary answer through an impact experiment.

Since there is water on the moon, there is no need to worry about the raw materials for making hydrogen fuel, which is an important power source. At present, the fuel used in our rockets and spaceships is basically hydrogen fuel. If we can produce hydrogen fuel on the moon, it is of great significance to mankind.

In the future, human beings will establish a large number of mining bases on the moon, and mining the resources of the moon is an inevitable road. However, the establishment of mining bases requires a lot of resources and energy, which need to be transported from the earth. To transport materials, we naturally need fuel, but if these fuels are completely added from the earth, the cost will be very high, and it is not convenient.

However, if the fuel returned from the spacecraft can be supplied on the moon, then the transport ship starting from the earth can save mass, transport more materials to the moon, and then successfully return the fuel from the moon to the earth. Undoubtedly, the efficiency of establishing the lunar base will be greatly improved. Moreover, with the lunar fuel plant, a lot of work on the moon will be more convenient, which is of great significance for the comprehensive development of the moon.

So is it easy to build a fuel plant on the moon? As we have said before, it is not easy. We need to know that the moon has no atmosphere, the environment is completely docking with space, and the intensity of cosmic radiation is 200 times greater than that of the earth. In such a high radiation environment, even if people put on space suits, they can not work for a long time, and radiation will have a serious impact on our bodies after a long time.

And wearing space suits, we are also very free, not conducive to the work. Therefore, to build a fuel factory on the moon, we must first have a closed ecological environment for astronauts to live in, which can completely shield the radiation from the universe. Without the influence of cosmic radiation, we can safely complete the mining work on the moon.

Of course, with the continuous development of human science and technology, the transformation of the moon, the establishment of fuel plants, the establishment of mining bases, and even the construction of a lunar city can be achieved. However, it will take time to realize these goals. The Japanese scientists’ proposal to build a fuel plant on the moon around 2035 is not very promising. This time is too close for us.

If it takes 50 years, there is still hope to build bases and mining plants on the moon. In any case, the moon will be very busy in the future. Mining bases and scientific research bases will appear one by one. People will go to the moon to travel and work, and even become permanent residents. The moon in the future will be transformed into a beautiful home for human beings, realizing the beautiful moon imagined by human beings in ancient times.

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