As early as 65 million years ago, dinosaurs evolved into higher organisms and left the earth by spaceship?

It has been 4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth. As we all know, dinosaurs were the first dominators of the earth. 65 million years ago, the earth received an asteroid collision, a large number of meteorites fell to the earth, leading to the extinction of dinosaurs.

However, some scientists believe that dinosaurs may not be extinct, but evolved into higher organisms, just like human beings, which may be higher than the present level of human beings.

Where did the dinosaurs go when they were not on earth? Did you leave the earth in a spaceship?

Once this idea is thrown out, most people may think it is impossible. Why can dinosaurs, a lower animal with developed limbs and simple brain, evolve into advanced intelligent creatures?

According to the development history, this is also possible. First of all, the extinction of dinosaurs is like evaporation from human beings. There are too few fossils.

Secondly, reptiles have existed since ancient times, which shows that they have strong intelligence and survival ability.

For example, Darwin’s theory of evolution talks about “natural selection, survival of the fittest, elimination of the fittest”, and dinosaurs were the best reptiles ten million years ago!

Many biological experts once thought that dinosaurs had unlimited development potential. The British “Horizon” broadcasting company once launched a program about dinosaurs, in which experts clearly pointed out: if dinosaurs still exist, they are likely to evolve into higher intelligent creatures.

Because the brain, viscera, limbs and bones of dinosaurs are very similar to human beings, and most dinosaurs walk upright, which is very important.

Because at the beginning, humans were able to distinguish themselves from apes by their ability to walk upright and have a brain rich in neurons, thus evolving hands and creating one miracle after another with hands. The role of the brain and hand, compared with no small make-up, we all know.

Although dinosaurs have high intelligence quotient, they have not yet fully evolved and are very large. All their activities are still limited by various factors. Therefore, it is impossible for dinosaurs to leave the earth by spaceship.

Because of the current level and the existing discoveries, the research on dinosaurs is still very limited, but the heart of exploring the unknown is very strong, so people have the idea that dinosaurs are not extinct, they just fly away from the earth by spaceship and migrate to other planets.

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