As early as 8.5 billion years ago, alien civilizations visited the earth, and the degree of civilization is beyond imagination

This sentence is also applicable to alien civilization, “mistakes are not terrible, what is terrible is how to face them” – the existence of alien civilization is not terrible, whether it will threaten human beings! Once Mars warned mankind: “don’t look for alien civilization!” In fact, alien civilization appeared as early as 8.5 billion years ago, and even earlier, the civilization level far exceeds that of human beings!

Not long ago, British scientists revealed that there are 36 alien civilizations in the solar system. This conclusion has been confirmed, which is likely to be similar to the time of human survival, but why has Voyager 1 launched by the United States in 1977 not found any trace of aliens? In addition to measuring Saturn and Jupiter, Voyager 1 has a special mission to find alien civilizations. At the same time, Voyager 1 carried the detailed information of human beings. If the alien civilization found human beings, the earth would be exposed, and human beings would face unknown danger, but now it seems that everything is normal!

It has taken many years for people to survive on this huge earth and rush out of this planet. How long does it take to find alien civilization? If alien civilization existed, it would be 8.5 billion years or earlier than human beings. The life cycle of planets is close to 5 billion years. There are 36 kinds of alien civilizations in the solar system. The larger human beings in the galaxy haven’t anticipated or touched them. After all, human beings can’t fly out of the solar system at present.

But the original intention of the formation of the galaxy is the big bang. More than 10 billion years ago, there have been various collisions of large and small sizes. Each collision will bring different surprises to the galaxy. With the continuous growth of the galaxy, life is likely to be born!

Scientists predict that the arrival of life on earth will be the impact of asteroids, carrying special materials, and eventually give birth to new life on the earth, making this lifeless earth full of vitality. Therefore, there must be an unknown alien civilization in this vast galaxy, perhaps as early as 8.5 billion years ago.

So, can humans get in touch with distant alien civilizations? British scientists say: impossible! Although the existence of alien civilization has been found, there is still a certain gap in getting in touch. It is not only too far away, but also the possibility that human beings and alien civilization can send signals to each other, neither of them can receive each other!

After the United States sent the Apollo 11 manned spacecraft to the moon, “Apollo 16” also landed on the moon one after another. According to the U.S. authorities, astronauts have photographed “alien base” and “three eyed aliens”. In addition, Hawking once warned people not to land on the moon! But all this has long been exposed, these are lies of the United States, the ultimate goal is to occupy the moon. Standing on the ground to see the moon is so bright, so beautiful, such a beautiful fantasy planet should not be tarnished by the United States, but the United States still “moved”!

Almost every year, there are “aliens” visiting the earth all over the world, but after the investigation, it seems that none of them is real. Human beings are eager to see the real alien civilization. Although their civilization far exceeds that of human beings, scientists still keep the illusion that they will help human beings! Will the existence of this alien threaten mankind? The aliens described in science fantasy are as good or bad as human beings, but what is good or bad? Is self confrontation a bad thing?

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