As long as human beings master all the following three technologies, they are likely to enter the ranks of advanced civilization

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Human beings have lived on the earth for millions of years. Although this time seems rather long, from the perspective of life evolution, the speed of human development has been amazing.

It took dinosaurs 160 million years to evolve into intelligent life, while it only took humans millions of years. From the primitive society into the era of civilization, mankind is only about 5000 years ago. After entering the era of civilization, human development has entered the fast lane. Finally, hundreds of years ago, we entered the road of scientific and technological development.

The changes brought about by science and technology are amazing. Although the industrial age has lasted for more than 300 years, it is only a hundred years that science and technology has really led the leap of human beings. With the development of science and technology in the past century, human civilization has achieved a qualitative leap. We not only have a comprehensive understanding of the earth, but also go out of the earth and begin to explore and understand the universe.

One hundred years of scientific and technological development has brought great progress to mankind, which shows how great the power of science and technology is. But we know that science has no end, and the power of science and technology that human beings are proud of now is insignificant and very small from the perspective of the universe.

With the technology of human beings, we can only be regarded as a low-level civilization. Some scientists once divided the civilization of the universe into four levels. According to the standard of division, human beings are only 0.7 level civilization, not even the lowest level civilization. And the advanced civilization in the universe is the existence we yearn for, so what technologies should human beings master in order to have the hope to advance to the advanced civilization? In this regard, scientists have summed up the following three technologies. As long as human beings master all of them, they are likely to enter the ranks of advanced civilization.

The first technology: genetic technology. If you want to ask what is the most mysterious and complex thing in the universe, it must be life. The secret of life lies in genes. Only by breaking the code of genes can we really understand life.

We all know that human beings have to experience birth, aging, illness and death in their whole lives. This seems to be a natural law that can never be passed. So the fate of life, aging, illness and death, human beings really can not cross it? Of course not, life and death is also an external manifestation of the gene level.

A series of gene changes have created the existence of birth, aging and death. For human beings, disease and life span are two important barriers in front of us. Everyone wants to be healthy and live longer. Since ancient times, disease has been plagued by human beings, harvesting human life.

Even now, with the development of science and technology, we still can’t cure many diseases. Although we all know that everyone can’t escape the fate of death, we don’t want to reach the end of the disease. It is believed that most people are willing to die naturally. However, in the real world, there are not many people who can die naturally. Most of them end their lives due to diseases.

Life expectancy is something everyone expects. Even the long-lived people in their 100s hope to live longer. Life span is also very important for the rapid development of human science and technology. We all know that science and technology can achieve continuous leap without the efforts and efforts of those great scientists.

The contributions and achievements of scientists are often more and more popular. However, due to the limitation of life span, when scientists master a lot of knowledge and are about to make great contributions to human science and technology, their life span has arrived and they have to leave the world at last.

If Einstein can live up to now and believe that human science and technology can move forward for at least 50 years, this is the importance of great scientists to human civilization. If we want to make the life span of human beings increase greatly, we need the contribution of gene technology. Only when gene technology makes a leap, can disease and life span be sublimated, and human civilization also usher in faster development.

The second science and technology: artificial intelligence, human science and technology in the past hundred years can leap, there is a hero we must thank, it is the computer. It is human beings who have created computers, more and more complex data processing, that can be released.

We need to know that the research and exploration of science and technology need a lot of data operation and simulation, and it is very difficult to complete these huge data work by relying on manual work. Only powerful computer can be competent for these data processing work. Artificial intelligence is the sublimation version of computer, which is far stronger than computer, and can help human to complete more complex and dangerous work.

The future of human beings is bound to go to the starry sky, and in the exploration of the universe and all kinds of work in the universe, it is difficult for human beings’ weak body to be competent for some dangerous work, such as mining and Exploration on a bad planet.

The survival ability of artificial intelligence machine is very strong, and it can survive in the harsh ecological environment. He can take the place of human beings to work on the dangerous planet, to work in some dangerous positions. In the future, a large number of intelligent robots will be needed for space mining.

The rapid development of artificial intelligence can drive human science and technology into a new stage, make human civilization leap again, and enhance the level of civilization.

The third technology: the mastery of time and space. After the singularity explosion 13.8 billion years ago, time and space were born. Time and space are the core of the universe and the most basic and core law of the universe.

So what’s the use of time and space? In fact, it’s very useful. Let’s take space probability as an example. I believe many people know that the universe is so vast that we can’t imagine it. If we want to explore more distant stars, or even the whole universe, we need to reach every corner of the universe with super fast speed.

But Einstein’s theory of relativity tells us that the speed of an object in the universe can only be infinitely close to the speed of light. Even a photon can only travel at the speed of light. Although the speed of light in our eyes is an incredible speed, but in the cosmic scale, it is still a tortoise speed.

Even if the spaceship sails at the speed of light, it is impossible for us to explore the Milky way. We should know that the diameter of the Milky way is at least 100000 light years, and it will take at least 100000 years to travel straight at the speed of light. It can be seen that relying on the speed of light, we can not explore the more distant stars, let alone the whole universe.

At this time, scientists thought of space jumping and wormhole, a superluminal sailing mode. Einstein’s general theory of relativity also supported the existence of wormhole and the possibility of space jumping. If we want to realize this kind of interstellar navigation mode, we need to master the mystery of space, really understand what space is, so as to make space for our use and achieve the purpose of interstellar shuttle.

Time is even more mysterious. It may bring us the shuttle of time and space, that is, many people know to go back to the past, to the future, or even to another universe. Of course, it is still unknown whether time crossing exists. We know too little about time to really understand what time is.

The above three technologies are very important to human beings. As long as they can be mastered by human beings, we may become a high-level civilization and a civilization of the universe. At that time, the size of the universe, we can fly freely.

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