As long as we solve one of the three problems that have puzzled scientists for many years, we may win the Nobel prize!

As long as we solve one of the three problems that have puzzled scientists for many years, we may win the Nobel prize!

Many scientific giants have emerged in the world. They have devoted their lives and made outstanding contributions to the whole scientific community. I don’t know if you have found that since their death, human society has been in a state of stagnation. No matter how hard we try, we can’t promote the development of society, and we can’t find such intelligent great people as them. Take Einstein for example, his life is very wonderful, leaving a lot of theories. Even after his death, many people covet his brain. Later, after research, they found that his brain is much more developed than ordinary people. Many people want to have a brain like Einstein, but they can’t get it.

Who won the Nobel Prize?

Speaking of the Nobel Prize, almost all scientists want to get this award, which is one of the best in the world. To win this award is to make countless contributions to the scientific community. Many people have won this award because they have confirmed the difficult problems left by their predecessors. They have lived a very poor life and finally got the answer. Among them, three scientists confirmed the gravitational wave left by Einstein and won the Nobel Prize in 2017. Einstein left many predictions, which are very difficult to solve. These unsolved mysteries have puzzled scientists for nearly a century. Some people speculate that if one of them can be solved, the Nobel Prize will be won. Then what other problems are troubling scientists? As long as we solve one of the three problems that have puzzled scientists for many years, we may win the Nobel prize!

Three unsolved mysteries in the world

The first is whether wormholes exist or not. Wormhole refers to two narrow tunnels of different time and space. If the wormhole is found one day, it means that space-time travel really exists. Up to now, scientists still can’t confirm whether time can turn back. In history, there are many people who call themselves space-time travelers, but their words are not reliable. They are finally recognized and are too far away from us. If we can really find it, there will be unprecedented breakthroughs in human science in the future.

The second is the origin of life. How was the first human life born? How was the universe born? These are worth exploring. Some people think that the birth of the universe is due to a big bang. Through careful thinking, scientists found that the big bang was not as simple as we thought. Some people thought that there had been advanced civilization long before human beings, and perhaps the universe was the product of their creation.

The last puzzle is antimatter. In physics, antimatter is made up of antiparticles, which is the opposite of matter. It is understood that antimatter has infinite power. Once matter reacts with antimatter, it will produce obscene effect, leading to the end of the universe. The power can not be underestimated. Among the more than 300 kinds of particles discovered by human beings, the concept of antimatter came into being because of the positive and negative pairing of basic particles. But so far, human beings have not found any trace of antimatter. How it will appear is an eternal problem.

These three problems have been discussed since the birth of human beings. Unfortunately, due to the limited level of science and technology, they can not be found at all. If a scientist can solve one of them, or even win a Nobel Prize, it will be more difficult than we think to solve these three mysteries. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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