As soon as Octopus baby landed, octopus mother chose to commit suicide. What’s the reason behind it?

As soon as Octopus baby landed, octopus mother chose to commit suicide. What’s the reason behind it?

The ocean is a mysterious world for human beings. Due to the limited technology, human beings have not set foot in many fields. When I watched SpongeBob as a child, many people thought that the ocean world might be like this. In fact, the ocean world in reality is quite the opposite. It is full of too many ferocious creatures with extremely cruel habits. When they are faced with food, they have amazing hunting ability. They can kill their prey in a few seconds. Therefore, when they enter the ocean for exploration, they should be fully prepared. The internal danger is all around, and ordinary people can’t bear it.

Speaking of marine creatures, everyone must have heard of octopus. Octopus is a kind of mollusk. Friends who like to eat seafood know more or less about it and are deeply loved by young people. When some people study octopus, they find that octopus has a strange habit. Every time they give birth to a baby octopus, their mother will commit suicide. Why on earth? As soon as Octopus baby landed, octopus mother chose to commit suicide. What’s the reason behind it?

Many people have expressed their views one after another. Some people think that this is the octopus mother’s love for the octopus baby. When they are close to giving birth, they will find a particularly safe place, such as a stone seam, to ensure the safety of the surrounding, and then give birth. After giving birth, they will not leave quickly. After all, there are many creatures in the sea, and they will always guard their children here, emitting the glory of motherhood.

In the process of production, they need to spend a lot of energy, and there has been no food to eat. If they leave at this time, the children will certainly encounter a lot of potential risks. Octopus mother is very hungry during this period of time. In order to avoid eating baby octopus, she can only choose the way of suicide, in order to ensure the safety of baby octopus, which is also very important It’s just a guess.

If so, we should sigh how great maternal love is. Even animals know how to protect their children. Many people think that animals are sentimental and brainless creatures. They are also members of nature. They are flesh and blood. They are not inferior to human beings. In front of children, they will still do their best to protect their children, octopus mother is a typical example.

All things in the world have spirituality. Although human beings have become the leaders on the earth, many people pursue their own selfish desires and do some immoral things. At ordinary times, they can hear a lot of reports about children being abused by their parents. These people are not even as good as octopus. Octopus also knows how to protect their children. Only when they have children, can they know that children are hard won and that protecting them is a lifelong responsibility It is also an obligation. Maternal love is unselfish and great, no matter human or animal. After seeing the performance of Octopus mother, did you refresh your understanding of biology? You can leave a message for interaction.

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