As soon as the phenomenon of metal pillars has stopped, there is another “frozen caveman” in the United States. Whose masterpiece is it this time?

Since ancient times, people have been full of curiosity about extraterrestrial life. With the rise of science fiction movies in recent years, the image of aliens has also been talked about by the world. Many people firmly believe that aliens have come to earth and left evidence on earth. Some time ago, mysterious metal pillars appeared frequently in many foreign countries and disappeared again after they appeared. Many people think that this may be related to aliens.


Until now, the truth of the metal pillar has not been completely solved. Recently, a mysterious phenomenon appeared in the United States. On the path of a park, people found a huge piece of ice, in which there was a caveman. After seeing this phenomenon, many people can’t help but associate it with the previous metal pillar. Is this a masterpiece of aliens or a prank of human beings?

When netizens posted these photos on the Internet, it caused a great shock. Many netizens also found the coordinates of the ice and went to punch in. It is worth noting that the sculpture appeared in Minnesota. The climate here is still very cold, and the sculpture is not made of metal, it looks like a huge ice, but when netizens really came here, they found that it was only a plastic product. Netizens have claimed that the sculpture stands cold in the middle of the road, and the cave dweller in it is called Chuge Chuge.

If such a large piece of ice appears on both sides of the road, it should be easy for the surrounding residents to notice, but the people around them claim that they do not know when the big thing was stacked here. So many conspiracy theorists claim that the appearance of this big ice block is not a good omen. It is likely to be the masterpiece of aliens. Maybe the aliens have already targeted the earth, so in just a few months, metal pillars and cavemen will appear one after another.

The truth about Neanderthals

While everyone was talking about it, a man came out and claimed to be responsible for the big ice. He claimed that he was the maker of the big ice. His name was Schumacher, and he was an artist. He claimed that when he took part in an activity, he suddenly had a bold idea in his heart, so he created chug chug. It wasn’t long before he put the big thing in the garage, but he felt that it was a bit overqualified to stay in the open garage, so he moved it out and put it on the path, hoping to attract people’s attention and become a seasoning for people’s life.

Seeing this, I believe many people already have the answer in mind. If aliens really come to the earth, they will not openly attract the attention of human beings. In addition to the caveman, Xiaobian thinks that those mysterious metal pillars are probably human pranks. I don’t know what you think of them?

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