Astronauts go to outer space to take photos, only to find that they forget to bring their memory card. Are you embarrassed?

If you go out to take photos with an SLR, but forget to bring your battery or memory card, it should happen from time to time. Most of us turn around to go home and take it. However, the embarrassment of “forgetting SD card (memory card)” recently occurred in the scientific community can not be resolved. This is the general situation.

After flying into space, the astronauts prepared to take photos with the camera they brought in advance. However, during the shooting process, they found that a red light on the camera was always on, and “no SD card” was displayed on the screen when taking photos. Then the lovely astronaut asked Houston for help and asked, “do you need an SD card to shoot?”

The scene was quiet for a time, and the astronaut once asked, “if the camera is working, will the red light be on all the time?”

In fact, when the red light is on, it means that there is no SD card installed. For a camera without SD card, it is impossible to shoot. Houston said they would check, and the astronaut later said he would solve the problem himself.

Many netizens said that this is the biggest embarrassment of forgetting to bring SD card so far! What’s more, things happen in outer space. How can the astronaut who said he was “self solving” solve the problem? Xiao Bian is worried about it

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