Astronauts have found a “giant eye”, pupil clearly visible, identity is still a mystery!

The US satellite has found a “giant eye”, which is staring at the space, or disappearing ruins!

The uncanny workmanship of nature is displayed in front of us at a glance. It is the same mountain, but there are different landscapes in different locations. For a long time, human beings and nature have maintained a harmonious relationship and become the masters of the earth. Back in the 1960s, when the United States and the Soviet Union were in the cold war period, they started many fierce games one after another. Once, the United States launched a spaceship whose main purpose was to revolve around the earth.

When it passed over Africa, the astronauts found a strange phenomenon. There is a round thing in the southwest of the Sahara desert. When you look closer, it looks like the eyes of a person. They are so big that they are staring at the space. The astronaut looked at the giant eye with a few eyes in his eyes, and then he marked the position of the giant eye and took a picture of it. The US satellite has found a “giant eye”, which is staring at the space, or disappearing ruins!

The specific features of this giant eye

From space, this giant eye can be seen clearly. In fact, it is a huge concentric circle with a diameter of about 48 km. If you look at it from space, you can accurately find its location. From the photos taken, it has three concentric circles, the most central one is like the pupil of the eye, and there is a larger circle on the periphery of the pupil, like the eyeballs and human eyes, with almost the same structure. What’s more amazing is that there are rings outside the outermost circle, like eyelashes, which makes people wonder if they are the eyes of the earth? It’s a little scary at first sight. What is it?

In order to find out its true identity, researchers immediately went to the Sahara desert for field investigation. From the ground, it’s very flat, and in the air, it’s so scary, so unique. Through the efforts of geologists, it is preliminarily determined that the formation of this giant eye is related to the uplift and erosion of the terrain. Tens of thousands of years ago, geological activities caused the rocks to be uplifted, forming a depression under the wind and sun. Due to the different rock structures, the degree of erosion is also very different.

Causes of macrophthalmos

Coincidentally, the eroded rock forms three concentric circles, and the giant eye is formed. Most people support this view, but some people don’t agree with it. Some even associate it with the lost Atlantis civilization. Atlantis has been missing for a long time, and many people gradually forget it. It is submerged by a flood. In fact, it is not at the bottom of the sea, because scientists have found something in the Sahara desert that is suspected to be the site of Atlantis. Maybe the giant eye of the Sahara desert is closely related to it.

When the level of human science and technology has been greatly improved, it is estimated that the truth hidden by this giant eye will come to light. All this needs the joint efforts of human beings. After searching for so long, human beings have not found Atlantis civilization. Maybe it is in the Sahara desert, and this giant eye is its site. What do you think of the giant eye discovered by American astronauts? You can leave a message for interaction.

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