Astronauts on the moon mission, unfortunately trapped, there is still hope to save it?

When mankind came out of the earth and saw the vast universe, a new occupation was born, that is, astronaut. I believe many people are very envious of astronauts. They can go into space and really feel the vastness and colorful scene of space.

Although we can see the universe through videos and pictures, the real experience is quite another matter. Facing the vast universe, the earth is small, human is small, and the environment of the universe is not so beautiful, it is a very cruel and dangerous environment. The work of astronauts is also very dangerous, once there is a failure in space, it may never come back.

I believe many friends have seen a science fiction film “Mars rescue”. In the film, astronauts are trapped on Mars, and human beings send a rescue team to Mars for rescue. After many difficulties, the astronauts trapped on Mars are successfully rescued. Through this film, many people mistakenly think that the success rate of space rescue is still very high. Is this really the case?

In fact, scientists don’t agree with this. Not to mention the distant Mars, take the moon which is very close to the earth. If the astronauts are on a mission on the moon and are unfortunately trapped, is there any hope to save them? Some people may think that astronauts trapped on Mars have hope to be rescued, and the moon is so close to the earth, there must be hope to be rescued. Is this really the case?

The environment of the moon is totally different from that of the earth. There is no oxygen, no atmosphere and no water on it. The temperature is very high day and night. If astronauts want to survive on the moon, they need oxygen, water resources and food first. And the moon has no atmosphere, solar radiation, cosmic radiation can be directly on the surface of the moon, even if the astronauts wear spacesuits, can not avoid radiation damage.

Therefore, the time for astronauts to perform missions on the moon is relatively short, and they need to leave the moon to return after a few days. Some people may say that astronauts trapped on the moon, relying on the materials carried should be able to support for a long time. But in fact, because human space technology is still relatively backward, the carrying capacity of the spacecraft is limited, most of the space needs to carry a variety of scientific instruments, and only a small part of the space carries astronauts’ living materials.

Therefore, the living materials carried by the moon landing ship can only last for a few days, not for a long time. Some people may say that the moon is very close to the earth, and it only takes about a week for the spacecraft to arrive. There is still hope for the trapped astronauts to be rescued. But the reality is that it takes more than a week for a human spaceship to go from the earth to the moon.

The reason for this is that our spaceship can’t take off directly if it wants to enter space, but needs the boost of rocket. So when the earth receives the news that astronauts are trapped on the moon, it needs a lot of preparation work, including preparing spaceship, preparing rocket and other preparations. This series of preparations may take as soon as one month.

And the astronauts trapped on the moon can’t hold on for a month at all, so once the astronauts are on a mission on the moon and unfortunately trapped, there is no hope that they will be rescued with the current human science and technology, unless there is another moon landing spacecraft in space, which can set out in time to go to the moon, there may be a glimmer of hope.

It can be seen that human science and technology are still very backward in space exploration. We have no way to conquer the nearest moon, let alone other planets. If the astronauts are trapped on Mars, it will take longer. You need to know that the spaceship can not go to Mars for any time. You need to wait until the earth and Mars are on the same side of the sun and the distance is the closest. This cycle is 26 months.

So scientists launch Mars probes only once every two years, and it takes about half a year for the spacecraft to go to Mars. Therefore, once the astronauts are trapped on Mars, it will take nearly three years for the earth to go to rescue. Is there any hope that the astronauts on Mars will survive for such a long time? It’s almost impossible. You know, the spacecraft that landed on Mars can’t carry living materials for more than three years.

From the above analysis, we can see that astronauts go to other planets to carry out missions. With the current space technology of human beings, in case of being trapped or other crises, there is basically no timely rescue capability on this side of the earth, and there is basically no hope for astronauts to survive. Therefore, although mankind has been out of the earth for more than half a century, and has been able to explore Mars, and even the probe has been able to explore the edge of the solar system, it is still very difficult to achieve manned exploration.

There are many difficulties that astronauts need to overcome when they travel in space for a long time, such as living materials, which is not difficult to solve. If a spaceship is on a long voyage, it is still possible to carry living materials for more than a few years, and the food that astronauts need is compressed food, so they can carry more in limited space.

The real threat to the astronauts in space is the cosmic radiation and microgravity environment. With the physical quality of human beings, the long-term impact of cosmic radiation and microgravity environment on the body is very big. Therefore, if we want to realize the interstellar exploration in the future, we must first solve the huge harm of cosmic radiation and microgravity environment to human body.

Cosmic radiation can be genetically modified through gene technology, while microgravity environment needs to realize artificial gravity technology, so that the spacecraft can have the same gravity as the earth, and astronauts don’t have to worry about the influence of gravity. Before these two technologies were realized, astronauts could not stay in space for a long time. After a period of time, they need to return to earth and recuperate for a period of time.

Of course, the core problem is the speed of the spacecraft. As long as the speed of the spacecraft can be improved qualitatively, space rescue will no longer be difficult. For example, the spacecraft can quickly enter space without rockets. At that time, even if the astronauts were trapped on the moon, the rescue spacecraft could arrive quickly in a few hours to complete the rescue. Even if trapped on Mars, the spacecraft does not need to wait for a 26 month cycle, and can set out in time to reach Mars in the shortest time.

It can be seen that human beings are far from the real space age, and it will take at least a thousand years to realize the above technologies.

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