Astronomer: on the evening of the 26th, there will be a strange celestial phenomenon of “double stars embracing the moon”! Don’t miss it

Although the opening mode of 2020 is not very good, it does not affect our appreciation of the moon at all. We have just finished enjoying the “super moon” in early April, and tomorrow we will meet the “double stars embracing the moon”. We should move the bench and be ready to look up at the sky.

What is “two stars holding the moon”?

As we all know, the order of the eight major planets in the solar system from near to far from the sun is: Mercury, Venus, earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Why mention the eight planets? Because the “double moon” is related to two of the planets.

Double stars embracing the moon is a kind of visual phenomenon, which means that Jupiter and Venus are located on both sides of the moon. From the earth, it seems that they are close to each other, but in fact, they are very far away, many times farther than the distance between the earth and the moon.

Why does “double star embracing the moon” appear?

Because Venus, the closest planet to the earth, is chasing Jupiter from west to East. Venus overtook Jupiter first, and when they were close, the moon overtook Jupiter again.

When Venus, Jupiter and the moon are closest, there is a special phenomenon of “three stars in a line”, which is also called “two stars holding the moon”.

Among Jupiter, Venus and the moon, Jupiter has the largest volume but the darkest luminosity, while the moon has the smallest volume but the brightest luminosity. This is mainly due to the fact that Jupiter is far away from the earth.

Have you ever been there before?

In fact, “double stars embracing the moon” is quite common. In April 1998, there was “double stars embracing the moon”. These three stars showed a “sad” expression. It can be seen from the photos that the sky was a sad face with head down at that time.

On December 1, 2014, this phenomenon appeared in some parts of the world.

At that time, a rare array of Venus, Jupiter and the crescent moon combined, just like a smiling face floating in the night sky.

From this smiling face, we can see that the left eye of smiling face is Venus, and the right eye of smiling face is Jupiter. People can see this strange scene with their naked eyes, and they can see it more clearly in the high-rise urban area.

Venus and Jupiter will be very close to each other from time to time, but because they are too close to the sun, they look relatively dim.

“Double stars embracing the moon” on April 26, 2020

According to the prediction of Chinese astronomers, on the evening of April 26, if the weather is fine, people can enjoy the strange astronomical imagination of “double stars embracing the moon” in the night sky.

But this time, the protagonist of “double star embracing the moon” will change a little. The month is still the same month, but the double star is replaced by Venus and star apocalypse.

Venus is the brightest celestial body in the solar system except the sun and the moon. It was once called “Taibai” by the ancients. When it appears in the morning, it is the so-called “Morning Star”. When it appears in the evening, it is the “Changgeng star”.

As the 13th bright star in the sky, the brightness of the star changes irregularly between 0.75 and 0.95, because the star has entered its old age, resulting in irregular changes, which are extremely unstable, but the change of luminosity is not very large.

Zhao Zhiheng, a famous astronomy education expert in China and director of Tianjin astronomical society, said:

On April 26, Venus will be like a lighthouse hanging in the northwest of the sky, and not far below Venus, there is an orange star named bilebus. The two planets are like gems in the sky, one white and one red, shining.

When the night comes, the new moon will also “shine” and stop between Venus and arudiba at about 20 pm, forming a phenomenon of “double stars holding the moon”.

Xiaobian suggests that:

If you want to better appreciate this strange phenomenon, you must find the person you like, find a high place free from obstacles and light interference, and then find a place to sit down and enjoy. If you have binoculars, the effect will be better.

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