At the depth of 10926 meters, the divers found something disturbing, and the scientists were angry!

At the depth of 10926 meters, the divers found something disturbing, and the scientists were angry!

In addition to outer space, the ocean is another vast field. Human beings are full of curiosity about this place. The sun is a mysterious world with all kinds of fish inside and many creatures unheard of by human beings. When I was a child, we all saw “SpongeBob”. SpongeBob and Pada star have been living in the depths of the sea. They have a carefree life and a variety of buildings. They get along very well.

We think the ocean world is just like this, warm and loving, but is it really so? Of course not. After all, cartoons are cartoons, which can’t be compared with reality. Since mankind entered the era of science and technology, with the emergence of all kinds of marine equipment, mankind has finally had the opportunity to go to the bottom of the sea to have a look. In the past hundred years, human beings have never stopped their exploration of the ocean, and their desire has expanded infinitely. At the depth of 10926 meters, the divers found something disturbing, and the scientists were angry!

The divers found a silly creature

The ocean is not bottomless. If we say that its deepest depth can reach at least tens of thousands of meters, we have developed many deep-sea detectors. When a diver dived into the sea, he found a strange fish, the Mola, which was being nibbled by a sea lion. Strangely enough, the fish didn’t move as if it was dead. When the sea lion was full, he came closer to see that the Mola was still patting its gills. When he found the fish, he completely refreshed his cognition There’s such a stupid creature in the ocean.

If you want to dive into the seabed, it is not as simple as you think. You have to bear huge water pressure. Every 10 meters you go down, you will increase the atmospheric pressure. 10000 meters underwater is equivalent to 1000 atmospheres, which is very difficult for human beings to bear. Therefore, you can only use the power of science and technology to realize exploration. The Jiaolong submersible developed by China can dive to the deep sea of 7000 meters, but you want to dive to 10000 meters At that time, some divers went down to 2000 meters and found that the marine environment was dark. Because there was no environmental radiation for a long time, it was very dark.

As the depth increased, scientists found another scene

With the increase of diving depth, they seem to have come to another world. When they dived into the bottom of the sea for 10926 meters, they found that there are still creatures living in such a deep sea, and they look very strange. They are all creatures that human beings have never seen before. What’s more surprising is that in the depth of tens of thousands of meters, the diver also found a kind of plastic garbage. At that time, he was very angry that there was marine garbage in such a deep sea. We can’t imagine that other areas might have been covered with garbage.

In fact, many of these plastics are hard to be absorbed into the ocean, and they are very difficult to be absorbed by human beings. These rubbish are very terrible. If human beings do not realize their mistakes and continue to destroy the marine environment, the only pure land on the earth will be completely polluted, the earth will be changed beyond recognition, and human beings will not have a good life. What do you think of this scene deep under the sea? You can leave a message for interaction.

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