At the depth of 7500 meters, a kind of creature that can walk upright will melt into the water when it meets the sunlight!

At the depth of 7500 meters, a kind of creature that can walk upright will melt into the water when it meets the sunlight!

In addition to outer space, the ocean is considered to be the most mysterious area on earth. It is shrouded in darkness all the year round and has a gloomy environment, which is known as the forbidden area of life. The interior is full of danger, and it is also full of all kinds of creatures, such as fierce sharks, piranhas, and many creatures that have never been heard of by human beings. There are too many mysterious species hidden here. Since they can survive here for a long time, it can be seen that their hunting ability is one of the best. If they don’t have strong ability, it is difficult to survive so far, just like the law of nature.

As the ocean changes with depth, so does the pressure

The area between 200 and 800 meters in the ocean is the most abundant layer of food. The biological activities here are more intense, and they can catch the prey they want to eat and reproduce in large quantities. If they reach the area below 1000 meters, the food will be more scarce. Due to the limited technology of human beings, we can only detect the depth of several hundred meters of the seabed. If we explore further, it will be very stressful. After all, the pressure will increase with the depth of the water. If we don’t have a strong bearing capacity, we can’t enter. At the depth of 7500 meters, a kind of creature that can walk upright will melt into the water when it meets the sunlight!

In the depth of kilometer level waters, there is the Arctic haze jellyfish, which has a huge volume. It’s much bigger than the jellyfish we’ve ever seen, and the largest invertebrate in the world is the giant squid. Living in the depths of the sea without sunshine for a long time, we have acquired all kinds of skills. Because of their existence, human beings are very afraid of the ocean.

New species found in Mariana Trench

Take the Mariana Trench as an example. It is the deepest ocean on the earth. It is understood that its average depth has reached 8000 meters, and the maximum depth is more than 10000 meters. No matter how strong human high technology is, when it reaches 10000 meters on the bottom of the sea, it will be crushed. Every time you dive one meter, you’re under a lot of pressure. Some scientists found a magical creature in the depth of 7500 meters. It belongs to a kind of snail, but it is very different from ordinary snails. Its whole body is almost transparent, and it can see the internal organs clearly. It is the Atama snail.

It can not only move freely, but also walk upright, just like human beings. At that time, scientists came up with the idea of bringing it back to the ground. Unfortunately, the water pressure was too high. When it reached the ground, life could not support it, and eventually it could only die. It can only live in the deepest part of the sea bottom. If they leave such an environment, it is very difficult for them to survive. In addition, there is no sunlight for a long time, and they will melt away whenever and wherever they encounter a bright light.

It can be seen that there are many creatures in the sea floor worthy of human exploration. These creatures have never been seen by human beings and have high research value. Even a snail will have such a prominent new species, which will refresh human’s previous cognition. Divers have also found a kind of transparent fish, just like the Atama snail, which is so transparent that even the internal organs can be seen clearly, once again crowning the mysterious color of the ocean. What other creatures do you think are in the ocean? You can leave a message for interaction.

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