At the speed of light, a grain of sand can destroy the universe! Why is it OK to be punctured by light?

Speaking of the fastest speed in the universe, many people’s first reaction is the speed of light. After all, the speed of light can reach 300000 kilometers per second.

As long as every object can be close to the speed of light, because of this, the speed of light has become our measurement unit in the universe.

Of course, we also know that the distance in the universe is very long, so human beings have been pursuing the speed of light, hoping to create spaceships that can fly at the speed of light and roam in the universe.

However, through the research of scientists, we know that as long as any object reaches the speed of light, its impact is very big, even if a grain of sand reaches the speed of light, it will be close to destruction, if it hits the universe!

So why does light travel at the speed of light and hit the earth? Not only the earth has nothing to do, but we also have nothing to do. Isn’t the speed of sunlight the speed of light?

Of course, through the research of scientists, we know that any object under the action of the speed of light, even the smallest object will reach a particularly terrible speed, even if its mass is very small, but its destructive ability is also very strong!

Of course, so far, scientists have not found anything that can travel faster than light! So why can sunlight shine on people?

When it comes to the mass of an object. The mass of an object, regardless of its size, reaches the speed of light, so its limiting force is very large. The mass of the speed of light is 0, that is, sunlight.

It has no mass, so no matter how fast it moves! When it reaches Earth and even hits us, it has no effect.

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