At the speed of one light-year per second, is there any hope that the spacecraft can reach the edge of the universe?

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In ancient times, people could not travel all over the universe to explore the mysteries of the world, but now people can easily travel all over the world. The reason why there has been such a huge difference since ancient times is the continuous improvement of speed.

In ancient times, people didn’t have a fast means of transportation, so they went out by walking, and the fastest means of transportation was just a carriage. At such a speed, we can’t go anywhere we want. Now, the speed of transportation is faster and faster, and the emergence of airplanes allows us to travel around the world quickly and freely. Since then, the earth has become a global village and a back garden for human beings.

In the past people’s cognition, as long as the speed is fast enough, there is no place we can’t reach. However, with the help of science and technology, when human beings go out of the earth and see the vast universe, their arrogance in the past is no longer there. In front of the universe, the current speed of human beings is nothing at all.

We don’t know how big the vast universe is, but with the current scientific and technological strength of human beings, the observable range has reached 93 billion light-years. In such a vast area, what speed do we need to travel freely? What speed does human need to reach the edge of the universe?

Someone once asked this question: if the speed of a spaceship can reach one light year per second, is there any hope of reaching the edge of the universe? I believe you are not unfamiliar with this speed. It is the speed of light that we often talk about. In the existing physical system, according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the speed of an object with static mass can only be infinitely close to the speed of light, but can not reach or even surpass it.

Therefore, under the existing physical theory, the speed of light is the limit of speed, which can only be seen from a distance but cannot be reached. If the speed of the spaceship really reaches the speed of light, is it possible to reach the edge of the universe at this speed? To understand this problem, we can do some simple numerical calculations.

The spaceship flies at the speed of light. It can fly a light year in a second. I believe everyone will feel incredible at such a speed. This is a speed that we can’t imagine on the scale of the earth, but in the face of the universe with light years as the basic unit, things will change dramatically.

As we all know, a minute has 60 seconds, and a minute of light can travel a distance of 60 light years. An hour has 60 minutes, or 3600 seconds, and the spacecraft can fly 3600 light-years in an hour. How long does it take to cross the galaxy at this speed? The diameter of the Milky way is about 100000 light-years. It takes 27 hours to travel at the speed of one light-year per second, which is a very short time.

In other words, at the rate of one light year per second, we can easily get out of the galaxy. But if you look at the observable range with a diameter of 93 billion light-years, it will be a huge number. Preliminary calculation shows that it is about 1.08 million years, that is to say, at the speed of one light year per second, it will take 1.08 million years for us to cross the current observable universe.

Obviously, such a long time can not be realized by human beings at present. We should know that the time when human beings were born is only millions of years, and the time when human civilization appeared is only about 10000 years. At the speed of one light year per second, we can easily travel through the galaxy and explore Andromeda. But it is impossible to travel all over the universe, let alone reach the edge of the universe.

And the 93 billion light-years that human beings can observe at present may be just the tip of the iceberg of the vast universe, and the real universe may be far larger than we think. If we really want the universe to become our back garden and make the distance of the universe no longer a problem, then we need a faster speed, a speed far beyond the speed of light, which may completely subvert the existing physical system of human beings and our cognition.

It seems that it is very difficult to achieve a speed far faster than the speed of light only by relying on the speed of the spacecraft itself. After all, there is a relativity limit on the speed, which is an impassable gap. If relying on the spacecraft itself, it is difficult to obtain a free shuttle speed in space, then what else is needed? Some scientists think of using space.

After the big bang, two complex and mysterious rules came into being, one is space, the other is time. Together, we call them time and space. The distance of the universe itself is the embodiment of space. Only by mastering space, the distance of the universe will no longer exist. At that time, we can easily reach any corner of the universe.

And space is not a stable and complete plane, it can be distorted, distorted space can make things quickly shuttle from one side to the other. This is a little bit similar to the earth’s surfing. I believe many people know that when we surf, the surfboard under our feet does not move. What really drives us forward is the ups and downs of the waves.

The undulation of ocean waves is similar to the space distortion in the universe, except that we can see the undulation of ocean waves, but we can’t see the space distortion in the universe, which can only be detected by some advanced gravitational wave instruments. When the space around the spaceship is distorted, the spaceship itself does not need to move. The distorted space wave will automatically drive the spaceship to shuttle quickly, which is far faster than the speed of light.

In many science fiction, space jumping and wormhole shuttling are often mentioned. In fact, they use the distortion of space to drive the spaceship shuttling. In reality, scientists also proposed the curvature flight mode very early, which is actually using space distortion to shuttle. Some scientists have imagined a kind of spaceship with a twisted space device at the front and rear of the spaceship.

The spaceship compresses the space in front and expands the space behind to realize a distorted expansion space, and then drives the spaceship to jump in space. If this flight mode is really realized, then human beings will start the era of space leap, and the distance of the universe will no longer be a problem. As long as the speed is fast enough, it is not a problem to go to the edge of the universe. Even if the existence of multiverse is confirmed in the future, it is possible to go out of the universe. We are looking forward to that day.

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