Atlantis didn’t disappear? Scientist: maybe there is an answer under the Sphinx!

The development process of human civilization is complex and long. In the grand history, many ancient civilizations were born. At that time, human beings had not yet appeared. Due to the age, many cultural relics had not been excavated by human beings. Among the numerous cultural relics, one kind of civilization is still the unsolved mystery of mankind, that is, Atlantis civilization. In the latest research, scientists claim that they may not have disappeared, but the secret lies in the Sphinx. What does that mean?

Atlantis first appeared in front of the public, or in Plato’s dialogue, which mentioned Atlantis, he thought it was an ideal country. Although the earth’s environment was relatively primitive at that time, highly developed civilization was bred here, and the legend of Atlantis has been circulating all the time. It is said that it was born in the Atlantic Ocean, and the people worshipped the sea very much, so they lived by the sea and lived a rich life. But unexpectedly, a big flood came quietly, and Atlantis was destroyed. The ancient civilization, once brilliant for a time, has never been heard of.

Over the years, scientists have been exploring and studying ancient civilization. Some scholars believe that this is just an ideal country invented by Plato, which has never appeared on the earth. However, in the eyes of many explorers and archaeologists, Plato is not without trace. Scientists have found many traces of suspected prehistoric civilization on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, which may be evidence of the existence of Atlantis. Is it true that there is such an expert in the United States who thinks that Atlantis must have something to do with ancient Egyptian civilization?

Atlantis didn’t disappear?

This expert is a senior hypnotist in the United States. Over the years, he has been helping people to search for memories of previous lives. Although Plato claimed that Atlantis disappeared due to the flood, the hypnotist believed that Atlantis did not disappear, but went to a wider space and time. This hypnotist is Dolores. He thinks that Atlantis can use crystal to distort time and space. That is to say, Atlantis may have gone to more advanced countries.

It was through the power of crystal that they built the pyramids and the Sphinx. In many people’s cognition, the pyramid and the Sphinx are the representatives of ancient Egypt, but many scientists have linked the two together, which is really incredible. Is it true that ancient Egyptian culture flourished for such a long time through Atlantis?

Dolores claims that there is a switch of time and space in the Sphinx. Scientists have also found that there is a palace under the Sphinx. Is the Sphinx really related to Atlantis? I don’t know what you think?

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